Why Does My Apple Watch Stop Charging

by John Sanderson
Why Does My Apple Watch Stop Charging

Apple watches are not just smartwatches, they’re fashion accessories as well! They were designed to be fashionable and fashionable they are. However, sometimes your Apple Watch will stop working properly due to a problem with the charger or battery. It’s always good to troubleshoot your device so you can find out what the issue is and get back up and running quickly. If you have any questions about troubleshooting your Apple Watch, read this article for some helpful answers.

Why Does My Apple Watch Stop Charging?

Apple Watch has two main parts, the watch, and the charging mechanism. The watch part has a battery that needs to be changed from time to time. The charging mechanism is what connects the watch to the charger. When your Apple Watch stops charging, there could be a number of reasons that stem from different causes. The first possible reason is that your Apple Watch is not getting any power due to a faulty connection or it could be because of something wrong with your charger or battery.

How To Fixed Apple Watch Charging Issue

1. Make Sure Your Apple Watch Is Charging

The first thing to do is make sure your Apple Watch is charging. If it is not, then you need to troubleshoot the charging mechanism.

2. Check The Charging Port

You can check the charging port on your Apple Watch by removing the back cover and looking at the small hole at the bottom of your watch. You will see a small hole that looks like a USB port and in this hole are two small prongs that connect to the charger cable. This hole is what allows your watch to charge with any standard charger or USB cable. If you notice it is damaged, bent or broken, then you need to replace it with a new one before replacing anything else in this guide.

3. Check The Charging Cable

The next thing you should check is your charging cable for damage or if it’s broken, bent or damaged in any way shape, or form! You should also try another cable just in case yours isn’t working either! If you have an original Apple Watch charger on hand, use that one instead of the standard one used for most other devices as it may be better made and will last longer than a standard charger! If you don’t have an original Apple Watch charger handy, use another USB 2.0 device such as a laptop or phone charger instead! I would suggest using an original Apple Watch charger because they are better made and seem to last longer than other chargers!

10 Apple Watch Feature

1. Apple Watch App

Apple Watch comes with an app that you can use to check the time, see your notifications, and more! The app can be used in many different ways. For example, if you want to know the time in another country, or if you want to check your calendar for a meeting, you can use the app! It has a bunch of information that can be viewed and used. You can also set alerts for when certain events happen such as when your flight is about to take off or land!

2. Apple Watch Dock

Apple Watch comes with a dock that allows you to charge your watch while it is not in use. This dock is really useful because it allows you to keep your watch charged while not using it! I have used this feature before and it’s very effective at keeping my Apple Watch charged while I’m away from home or work! Your dock will charge both the Apple Watch itself as well as the charging mechanism which connects the watch to your charger. If you have an original Apple Watch charger on hand, use that one instead of the standard one used for most other devices as it may be better made and will last longer than a standard charger!

3. Large Screen:

The screen on an Apple Watch is large enough so that you don’t need glasses or something else over top of them as most smartwatches do! The screen also has some neat features such as being able to see messages from people who are contacting you even if they are not using iMessage! The screen is also large enough you can use it to read text messages, emails, and other things that are sent to you!

4. Siri

Apple Watch comes with a feature called Siri which allows you to use your voice to send messages and calls, set reminders, and more! This is a great feature because it will allow you to communicate with others without having to get up from your seat or put down the phone! It’s also useful when the internet is slow or if you want to check the time without pulling out your phone!

5. Music

Apple Watch has a built-in music player that allows you to listen to music whenever you want! You can play songs from your watch even when it’s not connected to anything else for example if there is no power source for your watch. You can also listen to music on other devices like an iPhone or iPad via Bluetooth by connecting them together via Bluetooth. This way, all of your music will be available on both devices at the same time so that whenever one of them runs low on battery, the other one will have some extra juice leftover so that everything continues working as normal!

6. Fitness Tracker

Apple Watch has a built-in fitness tracker which tracks your steps taken every day as well as many other health-related things such as how much sleep you got last night and how many hours of sleep you need every night in order for it to be good for health purposes (I will go over this in the next section)!

7. Health Tracking

Apple Watch has many other health-related features as well such as being able to track your heart rate, blood pressure, and more! This is great because it means that you can know all kinds of things about your health which will help you become more aware of what’s happening to your body and how it’s doing!

8. Phone Calls

Apple Watch can be used as a phone just like any other phone! You can use it to make calls and send text messages if you want to. The only challenge with this is that once the call or message is done, you will need to remove the watch from your wrist in order for it to continue working properly. You also cannot use Siri or make calls while the watch is on or charging as this will interfere with its ability to work correctly. If you are having a phone conversation and need some time for whatever reason, you will have to either put down your phone so that Siri isn’t able to respond or turn off Siri so that it doesn’t automatically start listening again when the call ends. This can be annoying sometimes but isn’t too bad!

9. Notifications

One of my favorite features of an Apple Watch is notifications! Whenever you get a message on any device through iMessage, email, text message, Facebook Messenger…etc., an Apple Watch notification will inform you right away when this happens without having to open up another app! It’s great because you don’t have to keep checking multiple apps to see if anything new has come up! You can even set a specific alert for certain things like getting a message on Facebook or a text message. This is great because sometimes I end up forgetting that I got something from someone and I’ll get notifications later on when I’m not even looking at the watch.

10. Music

You can make and listen to music through your watch! This is great for people who are exercising, listening to music, or just want to listen to some tunes while doing anything else! You can use Siri to play music as well as control the volume and adjust the song by using your wrist! As with most apps, you cannot use Siri while the watch is charging or on so it’s important to know what will happen when you do this so that everything works fine!


Apple watches are a nifty piece of technology and with the right care and attention, they can be really useful. But when things go wrong, it can be a lot more difficult to troubleshoot issues.
The good news is this guide will teach you everything you need to know to troubleshoot your Apple Watch, whether it’s charging or connectivity problems. You’ll find everything from what the first symptoms of a drained battery might be, to what you should do if your Apple Watch stops charging.

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