What To Do After Building A Gaming Pc: The Ultimate Guide

by John Sanderson
What To Do After Building A Gaming Pc

So you’ve just finished building your very own gaming PC what do you do now? This comprehensive guide will show you everything you need to know on how to get started with your new gaming powerhouse. From installing your games and software to tweaking the settings for optimal performance, we’ll cover it all! So sit back, relax, and let us show you how to get the most out of your new gaming PC.

What To Do After Building A Gaming Pc

1. Find a suitable place for it

Building the computer may be the easy part, but finding somewhere where you can fit it probably won’t be as simple. Be sure to find somewhere with enough room for everything and make sure it isn’t going to break something if something shifts or wobbles while playing games.

2. Clean up around your computer area

It wouldn’t be too fussed on most people’s parts if they sawdust under their computer. On the other hand, it could pose a few problems. Dust can cause damage to your computer components, so try to dust around where you have built your pc at least once a month if not more.

3. Fixing up any loose cables

If there are any loose cables around your setup, now is the time to fix them up or tuck them away so they don’t get in the way while playing games or mess with anything else that’s already running on electricity behind your rig.

4. Update drivers and software

It’s always good advice for any piece of tech (and especially anything like this), but it might be difficult to find time after building everything without getting somewhere along the line. So remember to update your drivers and software as soon as you can so there aren’t any problems later.

5. Turn it on!

Now that all of those little things are sorted out, now is the moment of truth- turn it on and play some games! It’s time to go ahead and enjoy yourself with a new rig that will provide hours of entertainment.

How To Install Games On Your New Gaming Pc

1. To begin the installation process simply double click on the executable installer and follow the instructions. Some might ask if you want “extras” or other add-ons included such as toolbars and search assistants etc. You do not want these things because they clutter your system and are generally unnecessary.

2. If you have purchased a game that requires an online connection, then there might be additional steps required in order to play it. Check the small print in the manual about installing network components or maybe even having to download some files from the internet. Usually, there is nothing more than clicking on the installation file though so don’t worry too much!

3. Playing games is great but sometimes problems arise during installation which can cause you to hassle later on. If this does happen, start by updating all of your drivers, double-check your hard drive space is plentiful, and create extra space if needed using disk management tools built into Windows. If you still have problems then go to the game forums and see if others are having the same issue. Chances are you might have missed a step so don’t be shy about asking for help!

4. As time goes on, you will gradually install more and more games onto your system which can lead to problems with the fragmentation of your hard drive. This is where your files are spread out across different drives which can result in many annoying slowdowns. Fixing this problem involves running disk defragmentation tools but what I do instead is run a hard drive cleaner that consolidates everything into one location making it easy to find all my data fast. There are various types of cleaners available but they all serve the same function.

5. Keeping your pc clean should always be a priority because when it gets too messy it can make games run slower and degrade the overall performance of your computer. You should delete files you don’t need or move them to an external hard drive for storage which will free up space on your primary hard drive.

The Best Free Games To Play On Your New Gaming Pc

1. League of Legends

This game has been out for quite a while now and is constantly being updated by Riot Games with plenty of balancing changes and new champions so players will never get bored. Thanks to the massive player base this game gets updates all year long yet still manages to maintain an active player base in each region so you can pick this game up and always find someone to play with.

2. Defence of the Ancients 2

The sequel to DotA is just as popular as its predecessor but with some more added features. This is another one of those games that have been out for a while now so you don’t have to worry about not being able to play it since it keeps getting updates all year round due to the active player base in each region.

3. Left 4 Dead 2

Even though this game came out back in 2009 it’s still definitely worth mentioning here due to how fun it is. This cooperative zombie survival shooter will have your heart pumping in no time, especially you are playing on harder difficulties.

4. Warframe

An early access game that’s becoming more and more polished with each update. The platforming in this game is pretty fluid so if you enjoy games like Dishonored then you will definitely have fun playing this game.

5. Vertiginous Golf

This is probably the most unique game on my list because of how different it is, not only does it tap into your inner child thanks to its cartoony art style but also thanks to its extremely over-the-top gameplay that ties everything together excellently. If you are looking for a unique experience that will keep you hooked then look no further than Vertiginous Golf.

Tips For Keeping Your Gaming Pc Cool And Running Smoothly

1. Use Multiple Fans

Not everyone has the luxury of buying an expensive liquid-cooled or water-cooled rig; if that sounds like what you’re looking for then check out our review on Stark Industries. Not only are they very effective but they also make nice decorations for your setup.

But if you’re a more reasonably-budgeted gamer, a simple case with a couple of extra fans is still going to be much better than your stock fan setup. All you really need to worry about are the front and side intakes–the fewer obstructions there are, the easier it will be for airflow to enter into your case. Just make sure those fans aren’t obstructed by any components as this can damage them. More importantly, make sure they’re not covered up by dust! If any of your fans have been running slowly or not at all, clearing out dust bunnies from their blades will definitely help airflow.

2. Use Clean Fans

Neat freaks rejoice! Cleaning a PC is a daunting task, but it can make a significant difference in the performance of your fans. Just as dust clogs up an air filter and slows down a vacuum cleaner, dust buildup on your PC’s components acts as insulation which prevents heat from dissipating efficiently.

3. Use Cooler Master CPU Fans

We’ve reviewed plenty of CPU coolers, some better than others so don’t take our word for it–but we have to highlight this one as being particularly helpful with cooling down your rig. They may cost more than most standard aftermarket ones but they always come out on top in terms of performance and durability! This fan features Blue LED lights that change colors according to how fast it’s spinning, providing powerful airflow without making you feel like you’re on the set of Tron.

4. Add More Water Cooling

When it comes to water cooling, bigger is definitely better as far as surface area goes. These copper pipes and radiators can be attached to your PC’s case and will provide a more efficient method of heat transfer than air coolers alone. Just make sure that any additional tubing and fittings are properly insulated to prevent leaks (and electrocution).

5. Make Sure Your Rig is on a Flat Surface

Leaning your case against the wall or propping it up with random objects isn’t ideal for airflow–least of all because it prevents proper circulation! Keep your rig raised off of the ground so there’s plenty of room for air to pass underneath and between the gaps in those awesome LED lights.

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