Top 8 Security Lights That Will Protect Your Home!

by John Sanderson

There are many types of security lights on the market today. It can be challenging to find the best one for your needs with so much variety. That’s why we’ve compiled this list of the 8 best security lights that will protect your home! Read more to learn about each type and see which is best for you!

Here’s the shortlist to save your time

HALO Outdoor LED Flood & Security Light - 2 Round Heads - White
Halo Outdoor LED Flood & Security Light - 1 Square Head - White
HALO Outdoor LED Motion Sensor Flood & Security Light - 2 Round Heads - White
HALO Outdoor LED Flood & Security Light - 2 Round Heads - White
Halo Outdoor LED Flood & Security Light - 1 Square Head - White
HALO Outdoor LED Motion Sensor Flood & Security Light - 2 Round Heads - White
HALO Outdoor LED Flood & Security Light - 2 Round Heads - White
HALO Outdoor LED Flood & Security Light - 2 Round Heads - White
Halo Outdoor LED Flood & Security Light - 1 Square Head - White
Halo Outdoor LED Flood & Security Light - 1 Square Head - White
HALO Outdoor LED Motion Sensor Flood & Security Light - 2 Round Heads - White
HALO Outdoor LED Motion Sensor Flood & Security Light - 2 Round Heads - White

Top 8 Best Security Lights Reviewed


This motion-activated security light from Halo is the ideal floodlight for any outdoor application. The TGS2S402FRRW features a textured bronze finish with an adjustable head and motion sensor. This floodlight has a 180° detection up to 50 ft. range, with adjustable sensitivity and duration from 1-minutes to 12-minutes.


The Halo TGS3S401FSRW Selectable LED Flood Light is the perfect light for your home or business. This fixture is easy to install, and it’s available in a variety of colors, sizes, and finishes to match any décor. With an integral photocell that allows for nighttime on/daytime off operation, this fixture will provide you with the right amount of light at all times. The 50,000-hour rated LED life means you’ll never have to worry about replacing bulbs again!


The Halo TGS2S402MRRW Selectable (2500, 2000, 1500 Lumens) LED Security Light with Textured Bronze Finish is a great security solution for your home. This light features a textured bronze finish that looks good on any exterior wall or even an eave. The Halo TGS2S402MRRW provides you with three selectable lumen outputs of 2500 lumens, 2000 lumens, and 1500 lumens, depending on your lighting needs. This unit also has 70,000 hours of an LED lifetime, so it will last you for years to come!


The Halo ESF1A4DW is a dusk to dawn area floodlight that offers 1420 lumens of bright white light. This fixture features an energy-saving LED lamp, which produces no heat and lasts up to 50,000 hours. The sleek wrap-around lens design pushes more light to where you need it. This fixture is rated for damp locations, which can be used in the rain or near water sources. This fixture requires no maintenance as it comes complete with a fully integrated driver and transformer with no external ballast box.


These solar lights are effortless to install, just put them in the ground and connect them to a power outlet. Its motion sensor will automatically turn on when detecting motion up to 26 feet away. After 30 seconds of no movement being detected, the light turns off, making it energy-saving and eco-friendly.
The head can swivel 180 degrees so you can point the light where you need it most. Its built-in rechargeable battery lasts for 8 hours at night if fully charged by sunlight during the day (the charging time is about 5 hours).


This 3-in-1 motion sensor light can be used as an outdoor security light, a dusk to dawn light, and a wall light. You can manually switch it to any mode you want by the button on the side of its body. The installation is straightforward; hook-up is a breeze, even for a DIY’er. This LED outdoor security light can be installed by mounting to a wall and following simple wiring steps.


These LED Solar Lights Outdoor are a great addition to any yard, garden, and porch. The lights have an on/off switch located on the bottom of each light and can be easily hung from trees or bushes with the included hanging hooks. When the PIR motion detector detects motion, it will automatically turn on for 20 seconds, then off for another 20 seconds before repeating. These lights are weather-resistant and can withstand all outdoor weather conditions, including rain, snow, wind, etc.


The HMCITY Solar Lights Outdoor 120 LED with Lights Reflector and 3 Lighting Modes is made with a high-impact ABS lamp body with high-temperature resistance, anti-corrosion, and waterproof, which ensures longer usage time. It has 15% more electricity than other products in the same solar light time; it can work for 8 hours at night. Adopted monocrystalline silicon solar cells, the conversion rate reaches up to 20.5%.

5 Things To Consider Before Buying The Best Security Lights

1. Determine your needs

Before you go shopping for security lights, take some time to determine your needs. How much space do you need to cover? What type of lighting do you need – motion-activated or always on? How much can you afford to spend?
Once you have a good idea of what you need, it will be easier to find the right lights for your home.

2. Consider your location

Where you live will also play a role in what type of security lights you should buy. If you live in a rural area, you’ll need a different type of light than someone who lives in an urban area. For example, someone who lives in a rural area will need lights that are good for a large area. Motion-activated lights are the best option if you have several acres of land or want to light up your entire driveway or yard. If you live in an urban area, it may be better to install fixed security lights to provide adequate lighting over a smaller area.

3. The details matter importantly

When purchasing new security lights, one of the most important factors is ensuring they have the correct wattage. Double-check the wattage on any bulbs and make sure the amount of watts used by each bulb exceeds local building codes and regulations (typically no more than 140 watts per fixture). The correct wattage is vital not only for brightness and illumination purposes but to ensure your lights don’t overload your home’s electrical system.

4. Install a timer or photocell

If you’re going to be away from home for an extended period, it’s a good idea to install a timer or photocell on your security lights. To activate them manually will ensure that the lights turn on and off at appropriate times, even if you’re not there.

5. Get the correct type of light

Not all security lights are created equal. Make sure you get the correct type of light for your needs. Get a fixed security light if you need a light that will stay on all night. If you need a light that will only turn on when it detects motion, get a motion-activated security light.

3 Benefits Of Security Lights

1. Crime Deterrent

The first benefit of security light is their ability to act as a crime deterrent because criminals will typically seek the path of least resistance when committing illegal acts. While most criminals know there are cameras everywhere, they are not as likely to target a home with security lights installed.

2. Increased Visibility

With the increased visibility that security lights provide, homeowners can feel at ease knowing that they and their guests can see who or what is around them at all times. This also helps deter crime, as criminals do not want to be seen committing their crimes.

3. Enhanced Safety

Security lights can also enhance safety by providing illumination in areas with dark spots. This can help individuals feel safer when walking outside or arriving home late at night. Additionally, it can help homeowners identify potential problems such as a broken gate or damaged fence sooner.

Wrapping Up

When it comes to keeping your home safe and secure, there are several factors you need to consider. Read on for our top 8 picks! The best way to protect your family is by installing the right security lights that will effectively illuminate dark areas around the house and deter intruders.

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