Quick Update Of Your Workplace

by John Sanderson
Quick Update Of Your Workplace

Your productivity at work is directly linked to the comfort and functionality of your workplace. The same applies to your employees and colleagues. Hence, if you want to boost productivity and profitability, why not consider an upgrade of your workplace?

For an entire upgrade; you need to make changes in compensation, benefits, technology, and other aspects. However, just upgrading office equipment and furniture gives good results. Here, you can find several tips to make your workplace more appealing and motivating. Let us begin!

1. Define What To Upgrade

As mentioned, upgrading your workplace can be a huge task. So, before doing anything, define the goals of your upgrade. What benefits do you want to get from upgrading your workplace? Remember, you can make physical changes or policy changes. If you upgrade technology solutions in your office, productivity will increase as a result. If you upgrade office equipment, efficiency will also increase.

What type of technology upgrade could you implement in your office? There are various possibilities. For example, you can replace your regular desk with an  automated standing desk. This piece of furniture allows you to stand while you work. Scientific studies have demonstrated that combining sitting and standing postures during a workday is more beneficial to your health than keeping one posture only. Such a health benefit directly translates into higher motivation to work.

2. Get State-Of-The-Art Computer Equipment

Most office work is done on a computer. Hence, it is critical to always use the latest computer equipment. It is not a matter of being trendy. State-of-the-art computers and peripherals allow you and your colleagues to complete work tasks and processes more efficiently. Consult with an IT specialist to assess your current equipment and suggest any improvements that might be needed.

3. Leverage Mobile Technology

When you consult an IT specialist, also inquire about mobile solutions for employees that have to conduct work outside of the office. For example, the use of laptops or smartphones will improve speed and productivity in the field. However, the employees’ opinion has to be taken into account before making any decision about the purchase of mobile equipment.

4. Pay Equal Attention To Software

It will not make a lot of sense to upgrade your computer equipment if you use obsolete software. To maintain or increase productivity, you should continuously buy updates or new versions of the software you use at work. Newer software versions usually help you to complete processes in less time and with minimal effort. Upgrading software can be expensive; look for corporate licenses that tend to be cheaper for businesses and enterprises.

5. Ask Your Employees And/Or Colleagues About Job Satisfaction

It is important to know whether your employees and/or colleagues feel comfortable with their current work environment and conditions. Survey to find it out. Ask your personnel whether they have an interest in new work trends like a home office, flexible scheduling, etc. Try to accommodate their requests for better job conditions whenever possible.

6. Create A Cozy And Comfortable Breakroom

It might seem contradictory, but productivity increases when employees take regular breaks during a workday. Several studies have demonstrated that coffee breaks (or any other type of break for that matter) dramatically increase workers’ efficiency and performance. We are talking about short breaks (15 minutes on average) that help workers to get rid of stress (thereby keeping mental well-being).

Besides increasing productivity, regular breaks prevent burnout. Therefore, employees will not report many sick days as would happen without breaks. Also, employees will remain loyal to the company because of superior working conditions. Hence, you should not spare any effort to create a cozy and comfortable breakroom. You can consider the following tips:

  • Use multifunctional and moveable furniture. In this way, employees will have much more flexibility to rearrange the room’s layout as needed. For example, moveable tables will allow workers to put several ones together and have larger discussion groups during lunchtime.
  • Add bright colors. It is well-known that colors have a decisive impact on a worker’s mood and motivation to work. A gloomy breakroom will not help workers “recharge their batteries.” So, use colorful chairs or framed wall art to add some touches of colors to the space.
  • Add some amenities. What about having a ping-pong table in your breakroom? Besides coffee and snacks, some distractions must be available during breaks. You can ask employees and/or colleagues what type of distractions they would like to have in the breakroom.

7. Ensure Privacy In The Workplace

Most workplaces are designed to facilitate collaboration between colleagues. However, workers need privacy sometimes. By installing slat walls, partitions, and screens, each worker’s workplace becomes more private. It is not always possible to give each worker a private office. But the solutions mentioned above will help to convert your workspace into a retreat away from busty work areas.

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