PanaCast Whiteboard Keeps whiteboard sharing simple

“My clients are sometimes more interested in my whiteboard sketches than seeing my face. When using PanaCast Vision our whiteboard becomes an active meeting participant, creating another powerful communication tool for Heckler Design.”

Dean Heckler

President of Heckler Design

Activate the license to computer vision-based collaboration tool for Windows for only $199/year

Use your existing whiteboard. Any size. Any wall. Anywhere.

PanaCast Whiteboard is a computer vision software for the PanaCast 2 camera system that keeps whiteboard sharing simple during the video collaboration sessions. It improves image quality and corrects distortion of the whiteboard image, and presents to third-party video conferencing applications as a virtual camera.

More than a whiteboard.

The software allows you to deliver the PanaCast panoramic camera view while sharing whiteboard content, letting remote participants view the entire room while simultaneously focusing on the shared whiteboard content. The solution enhances communication experience and improves participant engagement.

Share whiteboard content

Enhances whiteboard readability

Works with Everything

“Intel and Altia Systems have collaborated to deliver innovative computer vision algorithms that run on the Intel® Core™ i-series processor family to detect whiteboards, rectify and enhance images to produce high-quality, orthogonal whiteboard views.”

Praveen Vishakantaiah | VP and GM of Intel Client Computing Group R&D division

Frequently Asked Questions


Q: What is PanaCast Whiteboard?

PanaCast Whiteboard is a new computer vision capability for the PanaCast 2 camera system that enhances your video collaboration.


Q: How does PanaCast Whiteboard work?

PanaCast Whiteboard allows you to use an existing whiteboard in a conference room or classroom to easily share content with remote participants through video conferencing apps. It automatically corrects distortion of the whiteboard image and improves whiteboard readability.


Q: Do I need to install any drivers or applications for PanaCast Whiteboard?

You need to install the PanaCast Vision application to enable PanaCast Whiteboard. But no additional drivers required. It works with any popular video conferencing applications.


Q: What components and support are needed to make Whiteboard work smoothly?

A Windows device, Windows 7 and up, with Quad-Core i7 processors along with PanaCast 2, PanaCast Vision app, Whiteboard license and (optional) Whiteboard detection indicator.


Q: Can I use PanaCast Whiteboard with my existing PanaCast 2?

Yes, all you need to do is download PanaCast Vision and activate PanaCast Whiteboard.


Q: Can I try PanaCast Whiteboard before I buy?

Yes, the PanaCast Whiteboard trial is free for 30 days. Try it now.


Q: What is the range of PanaCast Whiteboard?

PanaCast Whiteboard works best when your camera places 3 to 12 feet away from your whiteboard.


Q: Does PanaCast Whiteboard have any limitations in terms of different whiteboards?

You can see this feature working on all types of whiteboards. Only quality matters based on the type of whiteboard used. Ex: If you use the whiteboard which has glass background, the video quality is little blurry. Still we are working to enhance such type of quality issues.


Q: Are PanaCast Whiteboard licenses transferable between camera units?

No, the PanaCast Whiteboard license is non-transferable. However, if you have any problems, please do not hesitate to Contact Us.


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