PanaCast Experience for Intel® Unite
Adds Panoramic-4K video and personal visual perspective

PanaCast is the first video collaboration capability integrated into the Intel Unite solution.

The PanaCast 2 video camera and PanaCast Experience software service add real time Panoramic-4K video to Intel® Unite meetings with a single click. PanaCast Experience software enables each user to get individual touch based pan and zoom control of their video. It’s the perfect addition to support the Intel Unite objective of enabling more effective and productive meetings.

PanaCast 2 is easy to use. It has a Plug-and-Play USB 3.0 interface and is UVC compliant. In an Intel Unite meeting, it can be easily connected to the NUC running Intel Unite collaboration hub software.

Intel Unite has two primary components – the Intel Unite hub that runs on the NUC and the Intel Unite client that runs on the participants’ laptops. The PanaCast plug-in is integrated into the Intel Unite hub and PanaCastExperience software is installed on each participant’s laptop. The PanaCast 2 camera is connected to the hub.

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