Start Your Intelligent Zoom Trial

Before starting the Intelligent Zoom (IZ) trial, please install updates on your PanaCast 2 firmware – so you can access IZ.

 Install Updates

 Connect PanaCast 2. Plug in the camera’s USB to your Windows PC. Wait for a few seconds till the blue lights turn on.

 Download firmware.  Windows Firmware 

 Update your PanaCast 2. Launch the download file “PanaCast2Utility.exe” to start update. *Firmware update might take 5-10 minutes.

Almost there, now let’s activate your trial and you can start using IZ!

 Activate Your Trial

 Launch the PanaCast2Utility.exe.

 Go to the Features tab and select Intelligent Zoom.

 Click the Trial button and start the free trial (up to 30 hours of meeting time.)

If you still have questions, please refer to User Guide. You can also Contact Us and we’ll find you a solution.


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