How To View Private Instagram Profiles: The Complete Guide

by John Sanderson
How To View Private Instagram Profiles

Do you want to view someone’s private Instagram profile? If so, you’re in luck! In this guide, we will walk you through viewing any private Instagram profile. We will also discuss some of the methods used to protect profiles from being viewed by the public. So whether you want to see your crush’s photos or spy on a competitor, read on for all the information you need!

How To View Private Instagram Profiles

How exactly can you view a private Instagram profile? Well, several ways help you do that. These are mentioned below:

1. Use an Instagram proxy site or VPN

2. Find the Profile ID and look it up on Whois for Ownership Information

3. Get someone else’s help to View your Private Instagram Profile

4. Ask the Person Directly if they will Share their Private Instagram Profile with You

5. Use a Fake Account on Instagram and Follow the Person

6. Break into their Email and Find the Password of their Instagram Account

How To View Private Instagram Profiles Without Following

1. Set Up A Free Account On Stalkgram

If your goal is sole to someone on Instagram, why not start a new account just for spying purposes?

The benefits to this app include a personalized dashboard that is meant for stalking, an endless amount of filters, and the ability to set up a virtual “liked by” map. There are also dozens of other features on Stalkgram that you can take advantage of as well. But simply put, the primary purpose is to stalk people’s Instagram accounts without having an existing account.

Unfortunately, some celebrities have been made aware of this site and have subsequently changed their security settings, so it is harder for users to gain access (if they haven’t already). Luckily, several private profiles are available if you know where to look.

2. Use A Fake Account To Follow Celebrities

What’s great about this strategy is that you can follow as many celebrities as your heart desires, and unlike Stalkgram, they won’t even need to know that you exist. That being said, some people may ask why anyone would go through all of this effort just to view private profiles. Well, the answer is simple: it’s slim pickings on Instagram these days, and seeing as how this app has close to 300 million active users, there are bound to be a few who want their privacy protected.

To set up a fake account, make sure you have an email registered and inputted and choose a user name (a first and last name work best) – remember: No celebrity names! It also wouldn’t hurt if your avatar were hot (according to some standards).

Now that your account is set up, all you have to do is search for celebrities who don’t follow you back, and voila! You should see their private profile.

3. Use An App That Helps To Hack Accounts

Several apps out there claim to offer assistance in hacking someone’s account, especially if they aren’t following you back (which makes it incredibly easy). The only thing you need for these applications to work their magic is the person’s username – how simple is that? However, just because it claims to be an app doesn’t mean it will show you everything the user has. Some of them only allow you to view the most recent images, which is still helpful in this situation but not as valuable when you’re looking to find out what they’re doing behind closed doors. These apps are generally pretty easy to use, and as I said before, all you need is that account’s username. Then it will either show their private Instagram profile or nothing at all (if their privacy settings are strict).

4. Use A Tracking App To See Who Unfollowed You

This app is similar to the previous one mentioned because it also uses another user’s account to access your information. The only difference is that it tracks users who unfollow you instead of logins. These programs work by accessing your follower list and seeing who has decided to stop following you. To do this, simply search for “who unfollowed me on Instagram,” and you should come across several applications that can help with additional information about who follows or doesn’t follow you back. This helps find out why someone isn’t following your account anymore instead of just wondering if they deleted you altogether.

5. Use The Tag Trick

Instagram’s tagging feature allows anyone to input a hashtag (a number sign followed by various words/phrases without spaces) to make these topics easier for users to find (similar to Twitter). However, there’s also a way for users who don’t follow one another still connect through these external tags. This allows anyone who wants to see private profiles to look for external words that other users are searching for. For example, if you wanted to find out what Justin Bieber was up to behind closed doors, all you’d have to do is search #JustinBieber + private profile, and there’s a good chance of seeing his information which only he can access.

6. Use The Explore Tab

Instagram has recently added a “Who To Follow” section on the explore page to help people find new friends on this social media site. Although it still takes some time before they list the accounts of random users, many celebrities get listed here way before then (if they haven’t already). As a result, anyone looking for a variety of celebrities to follow can benefit from this new addition. Instead of using hashtags or even looking through users’ follower lists (like in the previous method), all it takes is scrolling through the “Who To Follow” section before you’ve eventually come across their private profile. This option might take longer than others, but it’s still helpful if you’re looking for easy access without too much work.

What Are The Risks Of Viewing A Private Instagram Profile?

One of the most important things that you need to remember is that if you choose one of these illegal methods in searching for a private profile, then there are risks that come with it. Here are some of them:

1. The user’s account can block you

2. The owner might report your actions as an attempt at cyberbullying

3. There can also be copyright issues when uploading any photos found in this method without consent

4. If the user has updated their privacy settings to “Private,” you will not have access anymore even if you are already following the account

5. If the owner has clicked “Only Me” when setting up their privacy settings, your activities will not be monitored anymore, but it is still recommended to refrain from viewing the profile to respect the user’s privacy rights

6. You can also get into legal issues when posting screenshots of any pictures found in this way without consent

Alternatives To Viewing A Private Instagram Account Without Approval

1. View Private Profile via Web Browser

You can visit a person’s profile through your web browser using this link: This will direct you to their profile page, which will have two options: “Follow” and “Direct Message.” Click on follow to start following that user and then notify them of your approval by sending them a direct message. Once they approve your request, you will now access their profile and posts through the web browser.

2. View Private Profile via Mobile Application

If you view a private account from your mobile device, you can follow that user using the Instagram app on Android or iOS by opening Instagram then clicking on the “Search” tab. Next, enter an @ handle into the search bar followed by a period (example: @username), bringing up only those profiles with that handle. Click on the person’s profile link to send them a direct message and wait for them to approve your request for the following access.

3. InstaAgent

The third way to view a private Instagram account is to use an automated program. InstaAgent is a mobile application that allows you to browse and like photos from any account even if they have not approved your request for the following access. To do this, download InstaAgent from either Google Play or the App Store, depending on your device type. Once installed, open the app and sign in using either Facebook or Twitter by clicking on one of those buttons at the bottom of the screen. From there, tap “OK” when prompted to allow this application to have permission to use your social media information. Finally, the press has been done, and you should now be able to access a list of all public accounts with high engagement levels as determined by InstAgent’s algorithm. This provides you with a perfect opportunity to view certain private Instagram accounts by hacking into the InstaAgent process.

4. Using Find Friends > People You May Know

This is one of the most common ways to find friends on any social network. The only difference here is that chances are you know or have already connected with this person through another means. If not, check their profile picture against your email contacts, phone contacts, and even your Facebook friends list to see if they appear there. Finally, if you still cannot seem to find them after exhausting all other options, rest assured that Instagram allows users to send friend requests, later on, bringing both of your accounts shortly after approval occurs.

5. Using Find Friends > Username

Another option to consider is searching for the person’s username on Facebook, Google+, or even Twitter which also works with Instagram. This method requires you to have an already established connection with this individual through one of those mediums beforehand. If not, you can still use this process by entering their user name into the search bar at the top of your social media platform’s homepage, where it says, “What are you looking for?” For example, if I were trying to find someone named “Joe Smith” on Instagram, I would enter his user handle “@joesmith” rather than his full name to receive more accurate results.

6. Unblock A User

If you were blocked by someone on Instagram with whom you would like to connect, simply click on their profile picture in your list of followed users, and a menu should appear. Click the “…” button at the top right-hand side of that screen, then select “How You Met,” which will provide you with an opportunity to send a direct message into that person’s inbox. From there, continue following the instructions on-screen for future reference.

7. Use An Automated Account Viewing Service

Last but not least is an option many people have been using since Instagram first launched, which allows them access to any account quickly and easily, both from iOS or Android devices. Utilizing this method is very simple and only requires downloading one application you will need to use to activate your account. To do this, click on InstaAgent from either Google Play or the App Store, then press “Sign Up” at the bottom of that screen where it says “Welcome!” Fill out all required fields with your valid email address and password for future reference.

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