How To Remove Scribbles On A Screenshot

by John Sanderson
How To Remove Scribbles On A Screenshot

Screenshots are great for saving and sharing images, but they’re not always perfect. Screenshots capture whatever is on your screen at that moment, including any text or scribbles you might have written with your fingers or a stylus. Fortunately, with the help of a few iPhone screenshot tips and tricks, you can quickly remove scribbles and eraser unwanted text from a screenshot to keep or share it as you like. In this article, you’ll learn how to remove scribbles from a screenshot on an iPhone so that only the words and images you want to save remain visible. You’ll also learn how to quickly erase text from screenshots so that only the pixels of the image remains visible. Read on to discover how!

How To Remove Scribbles On A Screenshot

Use a screen capture app

The best way to remove scribbles from iPhone screenshots is by using a screen capture app. Screen capture apps are designed specifically for this purpose, and they’re usually free to download. You can use these apps to remove scribbles and text from your screenshots, or you can use them to quickly erase text so that only the image remains visible.

Use your iPhone’s built-in editing tools

If you don’t want to install a third-party app, you can also remove scribbles from an iPhone screenshot using the built-in editing tools. These tools are accessible via the Photos app on your iPhone, and they allow you to edit photos and videos on your iPhone without having to install any additional software or apps. To learn how to use these editing tools, check out our guide: How To Edit Photos On An iPhone.

Remove scribbles with an eraser tool

If you want to erase text from a screenshot quickly instead of removing it manually step-by-step, try using an eraser tool like this one that allows you to erase text simply by shaking your device or tapping on the area where the text is located in order to delete it. This feature works with most applications including Messages and Notes (although not all applications support it), so it’s perfect if you need something quick that works across multiple platforms rather than just one specific application.

Use a third-party app to remove scribbles

If you want to remove scribbles from your screenshots or erase text from your screenshots quickly and easily, consider using a third-party app. There are many screen capture apps available for the iPhone that allow you to do this, and some of them are free and others are paid.

Select the text you want to remove

In order to remove text from your iPhone screenshots using the built-in editing tools, you’ll need to select the text first. You can do this by tapping on it so that a blue border appears around it. Once it’s selected, you can use the editing tools to erase or edit it. You can also use an eraser tool or an app like Copy Paste Pro in order to quickly erase the text without having to select each letter individually.

Why Screenshot Is Important?

Screenshots are great for sharing information

A screenshot is a fast and easy way to share what’s on your iPhone’s screen. For example, if you want to share an image, you can take a screenshot of it and then share it using an app like Messages or WhatsApp. The same applies to text. If you want to share a web page or some text from an email, you can take a screenshot of it and then share the image with others via Messages or email.

You can use screenshots for troubleshooting

If your iPhone is having problems, you can use screenshots in order to show what the problem is without having to explain it over the phone or in person. For example, if your iPhone freezes every time that you try to access the App Store, you could take a screenshot of the App Store screen before it freezes and send that screenshot via email or text message to someone who could help fix the problem for you.

Screenshots help with record keeping

Screenshots are great for keeping track of things that might be hard to remember otherwise, such as passwords and account numbers. For example, if there’s an account number that you need but don’t want to write down because writing things down on paper isn’t safe enough for your tastes (maybe because someone could steal your paper), taking a screenshot is a good alternative because it doesn’t require writing anything down at all, so no one will be able to read it.

Screenshots can be used for tutorials

If you’re trying to teach someone how to do something on their iPhone, such as set up a new app or figure out how to use an advanced feature, screenshots are great for this because they allow you to show what you’re talking about without needing to be in the same room as the person. For example, if you’re giving someone instructions on how to use a feature of their iPhone that they don’t understand, you could take a screenshot of the feature and then send it via text message or email and explain what it is and what should happen when they tap on different parts of the screen.

You can use screenshots for your blog

If you have an iPhone blog, taking screenshots is great for sharing information about apps that are available for your readers as well as showing them tips and tricks that will help them get more out of their iPhones. For example, if you were writing a blog post about how to use emojis in iMessage or how to find emojis in general, taking a screenshot of your emoji keyboard would be helpful so that readers can see exactly where the emojis are located and what they look like.

Screenshots can help you be more productive

If you like to use your iPhone to stay organized and keep track of things, taking screenshots is a great way to do that because it allows you to save information about things that might be hard to remember otherwise and then easily access them at a later date when needed. For example, if you’re trying to remember which account numbers you need for various online accounts, taking screenshots of the account pages will help you keep track of what each number is for.

Screenshots are good for sharing memories

If there are moments that are important or noteworthy that happen on your iPhone, such as an achievement in one of your games or an event like birthdays and anniversaries, taking screenshots helps keep those memories alive by allowing you to share them with others online via social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest. For example, if you had a birthday on your iPhone and took a screenshot of the cake that was made for you in one of your games, you could share the screenshot on Facebook so your friends know about the cake and can wish you happy birthday.

Screenshots are good for digital scrapbooking

If you like to scrapbook or journal digitally via apps like Evernote or Google Keep or even just want to save pictures of things that interest you online, taking screenshots is a great way to do that because it allows you to easily access all of the information at once rather than having to go through multiple sources in order to find all of the information that interests you. For example, if there’s an article online about something interesting that caught your eye and you want to remember it but also want to be able to access it again in case someone else wants to read it later on as well, taking a screenshot will allow you to do both things at once because then it will be saved as part of a note in Evernote for future reference.


Screenshots are a great way to save and share your favorite images and moments, but sometimes they can be imperfect. Screenshots can capture handwritten notes, text from other apps, or other unwanted content that you don’t want to save. Fortunately, you can quickly remove scribbles from a screenshot on your iPhone, or erase text from a screenshot to keep only the images you want to save. You can also use the Eraser tool to quickly erase everything from a screenshot, or use the Text tool to select which text you want to remove from a screenshot.

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