How To Damage Phone: The Ultimate Guide

by John Sanderson
How To Damage Phone

It’s every phone owner’s worst nightmare: their beloved device sustains a serious scratch, gets wet, or worse – is dropped and broken. If you’re like most people, you probably take great care of your phone and don’t want it to get damaged. But accidents happen, and sometimes we just can’t help but drop our phones on the hard ground. This guide will teach you how to damage your phone on purpose!

How To Damage A Phone

It is always inevitable that there will be risks to your phone. Even if you are extremely careful with it, accidents happen. Luckily, there are ways to repair the damage. Here are five ways to damage your phone and how you can fix them:

1. Scratches on Screen

This is one of the most common issues faced by phone users. The good news is that this issue is very simple to solve- buy a screen protector! Using tempered glass will not only protect your screen from scratches but also increase the responsiveness of the touchscreen itself.

2. Cracked Screen

Another incredibly popular problem people face today is cracked screens. If you do not have enough money to get your device replaced, then take it to an expert and see if they can fix the screen. If it is a smaller crack and your phone still responds to touch, you can just buy a cheap replacement glass part from Amazon or eBay and replace the broken one yourself.

3. Water Damage

When water gets into electronics, it is inevitable that there will be some damage done. The good news is that this can be prevented by using common sense: never use your phone near water. However, accidents happen and we understand- so we’ve got you covered! You can do three simple things: 1) remove the battery as quickly as possible 2) take out any other removable parts (sim card, SD cards, etc.) and dry them off 3) after waiting for at least 24 hours, turn it on to see if it works. If you notice that your phone does not work after trying these three things, then take it to a technician for further examination.

4. Unresponsive Touchscreen

Your touchscreen is not responding at all and you cannot fix the problem with restarting or turning off and on- this usually means damage has been done inside the device. The best thing to do in this situation is to contact customer service and get them to repair/replace your phone (if still under warranty).

5. System Crash

This can be caused by an update gone wrong. There are easy ways to fix this: if you may have pressed ‘update’ instead of ‘restore’ by accident, then simply download an older version of that update for your device. [In some cases] a hard reset may be necessary.

Remember, accidents happen so do not get upset if these things happen to you! With one properly executed action, all the damage can be fixed and you will have a working phone once again.

How To Damage Your Phone On Purpose

1. Battery Acid

The first step is one of the most vital – getting battery acid all over your phone. Mentions are made of this often when users talk about dropping their phones in sinks/toilets/pools/lakes/oceans etc., but there’s another more sinister and effective method: get some Lithium-Ion batteries (the kind that comes in laptops) and drop them on the floor until they break open and splash battery acid all over your phone. Alternatively, you can drop them on your foot and make sure to squish the batteries until they pop open to release their acid onto your poor phone!

2. Battering

This method is quite simple really – take your phone, gather some bricks/tools (optional), and start bashing it with all you’ve got! Smash that screen into oblivion with whatever instruments you find lying around; bash it against a wall; throw the whole package at the ground until nothing remains but shattered glass and an epic work of modern art. Your masterpiece doesn’t have to be limited to sculptures or paintings either – why not try writing something in stone? Maybe “MIN” could stand for Mobile Intelligence Network.

3. Cold Snap

If smashing it with bricks isn’t your thing, try hurling it into a vat of liquid nitrogen! After you’re done ogling at your stunning ice sculpture of a phone, pick it up and drop it on the floor. The impact of the fall will shatter the device into millions of pieces that are extremely difficult to use ever again.

4. Corrosion

This method is great for when you want to get rid of your phone but can’t – because you need it for important things like work or school – but still want to make sure no one else uses it either! Simply soak your phone in saltwater or vinegar overnight before wiping off all fluid residue. Let everything dry out completely (this may take some time) then place it back into your pockets or bag or whatever you carry it around in. You won’t notice any damage at first but over time corrosion will start to form all over the inside of the phone, rendering it unusable!

5. Eating

Ah yes, at last! The best way to destroy your phone – eat it! If you have little ones around who are always clamoring for a bite of your burger or fries, simply swap their chocolate milk with your phone and let them enjoy away. Alternatively, put some laxatives in your device’s food storage compartment so that everyone has a jolly old time trying to use their phones after they’ve finished eating (and inevitably pooping).

The Different Ways You Can Damage Your Phone

Everyone wants their phone to last as long as possible, but we all know accidents happen and things get broken. Here is a list of 5 ways you can damage your phone:

1. Water Damage

Water and mobile phones do not mix well. Try to avoid getting your phone wet. If it does end up in the water, try taking out the battery and memory card right away (if you can). Try turning it off (if it’s on) and then leave the device alone for 24 hours, because that’s how long it takes for corrosion to build up in electronic equipment like phones. Leaving an electronic item submerged underwater will make its condition worse when trying to dry it out. If you do take your device and dry everything properly, you need to make sure it is 100% dry. If any moisture remains, rust will start building up and damage the device.

2. Physical Damage

Dropping your phone can result in a cracked screen or unsightly body damage. In addition to creating a rather unattractive look to the phone, dropping the device could impact how well it works going forward. The best-case scenario would be that nothing happens at all when you drop the phone. However, a fall from waist height could cause internal laptop damage that cannot easily be repaired without professional help. Dropping from shoulder height may even bend or break internal components beyond repair. There are some things you can do to protect your mobile from physical damage such as getting a sturdy case or investing in a screen protector depending on the phone model. Doing either of these things will help prevent some damage to your device, but not all.

3. Using Unauthorized Chargers

Always use the charger that came with your device, even if you have other chargers available. Using an unauthorized charger can cause damage to both your battery and phone over time because it is using too much power for the tiny internal components of your phone to handle for an extended period of time. The tiny parts inside won’t last nearly as long when this happens so it’s crucial to stick with authorized chargers only.

4. Lack Of Updates

Failing to update software can cause performance issues with older phones because the components are not up to date with the latest features. Newer software can also help protect your phone from security threats that may be lurking on your phone because companies release updates to close vulnerabilities after they’ve been found. Sometimes, phones cannot handle certain updates well and it could cause damage to the internal structure of your device, rendering it useless or in need of an expensive repair. If you’re not sure what version of Android you’re running, plug your device into a computer and look for it in My Computer when connected via USB cable.

5. Leaving The Phone Exposed To Heat

Harsh conditions like heat will kill your battery life faster than leaving it out in cold weather which tends to sap power more slowly over time. When you leave your smartphone exposed to extreme heat or cold, the lithium-ion battery will die a lot faster than if you just used common sense and kept it somewhere in between. Neither extremely hot nor extremely cold temperatures are good for the device itself, so try to keep it at a normal room temperature to avoid problems with performance and how long its life lasts.


Now that you know how to damage your phone, be sure to use this knowledge responsibly. Remember, it is always better to be safe than sorry and if you are not sure how something will affect your device, don’t do it! With a little bit of common sense and these simple tips, you can keep your phone in good condition for as long as possible. Have fun experimenting with different ways to damage your phone but please be careful!

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