How To Change Storage To SD Card On Samsung Tablet; Ultimate Samsung User Guide

by John Sanderson
How To Change Storage To SD Card On Samsung Tablet

Samsung has been a big name in the tech industry, and they keep rocking the world with their high-end mobile devices and other accessories.

The best of these is seen in their tablets that provide users worldwide with quality, style and performance.

The tablets have a reasonable amount of internal storage for you to keep your data. However, you could want to change the storage and have your data on an SD card.

Let us get into the device and see how you can accomplish this;

How To Change Storage To SD Card On Samsung Tablet

All devices have internal storage that is listed as the default storage media. As you download files and apps, they will get installed onto the internal storage unless you change the settings. You don’t have to root the device; here is how to do it;

You can use the individual app settings to change the location for apps like cameras through app settings.

This way, all downloads or media you get through that app go directly to the SD card, which will give your internal storage some space.

You cannot alter the whole device to use SD unless you change the settings of each compartment.

All apps with access to storage have a storage setting; thus, you can change where they keep their data.

You should go to the app settings for browsers and change the download location from the internal storage directory to an SD card folder. This way, all new media files will go directly to your SD card.

How To Move Apps To SD Card

Using an SD card as your primary storage media has advantages and disadvantages that weigh differently depending on the user.

Samsung allows you to change the primary storage on your device to SD, and this is how you can do it;

  1. Launch your tablet after plugging in the SD card and go to Playstore. Download the link2sdcard app and install it on your tablet.
  2. Launch the link2sdcard app, and it will ask for permission to access all your device features. Grant it all the permissions since they are vital for the process.
  3. Click on the options button on the top right end of the screen to access a dropdown menu and then select Settings in the menu.
  4. Under settings, scroll down to the Install location settings at the lower end of the menu. Click on it and select the install location to be external. This will make all your downloaded apps get installed on the SD card.

You can also move the apps through settings without installing the link2sdcard app.

To do this, you can go to application settings on your device and click on the app you want to move. Scroll down in the app settings to get to the storage options.

You will see that the storage used is internal storage. Click on the change button and select SD card.

A window will come up asking you to confirm you want to export the app to new storage. Click move, and the application will be transferred to the SD storage.

Understanding SD Cards And How To Pick One

Choosing an SD card is not a straightforward matter, especially for those planning to use it in a video camera.

Some factors get overlooked when they are important, and making the wrong choice could frustrate you.

The capacity of the card is an important factor, and most people only look at this. Yes, this determines the amount of data you can keep on an SD card. Having a larger capacity will help you store more data.

SD cards are classified depending on the amount of data they can store.

The SD has a capacity of between 128MB and 2GB. The SDHC has a capacity of 4GB to 32GB, the SDXC has a capacity of between 64GB to 2TB, and the SDUC has a capacity of up to 128TB.

Apart from the capacity, you also need to consider the speed of an SD card. Each SD card has a read speed and a write speed.

You should prioritize between the read and write speeds depending on your intended use for the SD card.

For instance, if you plan to use it for recording videos, you need to get one with a high write speed.

If the minimum write speed for your SD card is lower than your camera’s output, the camera will stop filming again and again. Check the speed, most importantly the minimum speed, to ensure your camera works well.

The speed also differs depending on the UHS type of the card. There is UHS I and UHS-II, the difference between them being the layout of the connectors at the back of the card. UHS-II cards are faster, but you need a special slot to use them.

For mobile phone users, you should look at the application performance class specification of an SD card.

This determines the input and output rates of data on a mobile phone or tablet, especially with application software.

The Best Samsung Tablets For 2021

Choosing the best tablet will give you an amazing and long-lasting experience, so it is not something you should take lightly.

It is established that Samsung is a good brand, but now we have to go into the details to see their best tablet;

Samsung Galaxy Tab A.8.4

This tablet might not be at the top of our list, but it is a reliable device to perform multiple processing tasks you would need from a tablet.

The best things about this tablet are the display, its compactness and its battery. This tablet was designed to be carried to any place and still connect users to the internet.

It is also a perfect choice for casual streaming, watching and listening to music. The display is amazing, and this is good for those that are constantly traveling.

It is among the thinnest Galaxy tablets. Thus you can comfortably hold and use it even with one hand. It has 3GB of RAM and 32 GB of internal storage to keep all the data you need while on the move.

Samsung Galaxy A 8’ SM-T290

If you are looking for a mini-tablet that can be used both for work and entertainment, this is your answer.

This tablet has a compact design to give the maximum user view with minimal size, which increases its portability.

This tablet has an 8-megapixel camera which allows you to take photos and record videos of high quality.

You will need to extend battery backup when gaming or watching but the general experience and build quality make it worth your money.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S6

This is a 2019 model that the S7 has recently replaced, but a new and cheaper version makes it a great deal if you are looking for amazing specs and quality performance.

It gets a lot of points for its amazing display, its high-quality battery and high processing capabilities.

All these features hold up nicely, and you won’t regret making this purchase. The 7040 MH battery will hold power for hours, even in intensive use.

You could also get a keyboard if you want. This addition will turn your tablet into a laptop capable of even more tasks.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S5E

Are you looking for an affordable yet high-quality tablet? The S5E is a tablet you cannot ignore. Bringing together its excellent screen, performance, battery and price, this is a tablet you should look at.

It offers you the features you would get from more expensive tablets at a manageable price; thus, it stands out.

It has a big, high-resolution display that allows you to view your media and enjoy streaming and games comfortably.

It has 4BG of RAM and 64BG of internal storage, which you can use for all your work and games and expand it with a micro SD card. You can also get a keyboard case to get some job done on the tab.


You can use an SD card as a primary storage media on your Samsung tablet. This will be a good way to release some space on your internal storage to increase the tablet’s performance.

The best way to do this is by going into the individual apps and changing the settings. Each app that can add data to your device has settings where you can change the storage location.

You can also move the existing data files to your SD card. An SD card will have numerous advantages, including making your data even more portable.

When buying an SD card, remember to look at all the other SD card features to get the best service. The read and write speeds are important since they will make the device that runs the SD card faster.

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