How To Block Ads On Chrome

by John Sanderson
How to Block Ads on Chrome

Are you tired of seeing ads on websites every time you open one? Most people are. That’s why there are many ways to block ads on Chrome, but not all of them will stop the advertisements from appearing. In order to get rid of ad clutter, read this blog for the best ways to block ads on Chrome. From using extensions to using a custom site, find out what it takes to get rid of those pesky ads.

How to Block Ads on Chrome?

1. Use Adblock Plus

Adblock Plus is one of the most popular extensions available for Chrome. It is easy to install and it works great. This extension will stop all ads from showing up in your browser, but there are some issues with it that may discourage people from using it. For instance, Adblock Plus will not work with Google products like Gmail or YouTube because they make money off of the advertisements that appear on their website.

2. Use uBlock Origin

If you want an alternative to Adblock Plus, try uBlock Origin instead. It does everything that Adblock Plus does and more! In addition to blocking videos from playing automatically, this extension also stops tracking by advertisers and removes social media buttons from websites so that you don’t accidentally click on them while browsing.

3. Block Ads Using Hosts File Extension

If you don’t want to download an extension for blocking ads on Chrome, then you can add a few lines of code into your host’s file instead. Keep in mind that this method may cause some problems with your internet connection if not done correctly!

4. Block Ads Using Hosts File Extension

If you don’t want to download an extension for blocking ads on Chrome, then you can add a few lines of code into your host’s file instead. Keep in mind that this method may cause some problems with your internet connection if not done correctly!

5. Use AdGuard AdBlocker

AdGuard is another alternative to Adblock Plus and uBlock Origin. It is easy to install, easy to use, and it works great. This extension will block all ads from showing up on the websites you visit while using Chrome. It will also protect you from malware and phishing attacks while browsing the web.

6. Block Ads Using a Custom Site

If you are not happy with the default way that Chrome handles ads, then try creating your own custom site instead. By doing so, you can block certain ads without having to download any extensions or programs at all! If you want to learn more about how this works, check out this blog for more information about how to create a custom site on Chrome that blocks certain advertisements.

7. Disable Ads On Google Products

If you are like most people and do not want ads on Google products like Gmail or YouTube then there is an extension for that too! This extension will remove all advertisements from Google products so that they appear as normal as possible when using Chrome.

8. Use AdBlock Browser

If you really want to get rid of all ads from your Chrome experience, then it may be time to consider switching to a different browser altogether. Adblock Browser is a free option that will block all advertisements on the web. It also has the ability to block malware and tracking cookies from tracking you while browsing too. This is one of the better options for blocking ads in Chrome because it offers full protection from any advertisements that try to get through.

9. Install uBlock Origin

uBlock Origin is another ad blocker that works similar to Adblock Plus and AdGuard. This extension will completely remove all advertisements from websites so that you don’t have to worry about anything while browsing. It also blocks trackers and malware as well so that your internet connection remains safe while using it.

10. Use Disconnect Search

Disconnect Search is a great alternative if you want a search engine that does not track your searches or use them for targeted advertising purposes. It will remove targeted ads and keep your searches private when using this browser add-on.

Benefits Of Ad Blocker

1. You will get more memory space in your browser.

2. You don’t need to wait for ads to load.

3. It protects your privacy and security.

4. Your internet speed will increase because of less data usage.

5. You can block annoying ads and pop-ups from websites you visit frequently.

Disadvantages of Ad Blocker:

1. Some websites may not work properly on your browser if you don’t allow ads to load on them.

2. The number of ads will increase and they might show up in other places on the internet too if you disable them on some sites.

Best Extention for Chrome except for ad blocker:

1. HTML5 full site

This helps to set sites entirely in h5 so you can use it offline. For downloading pages, use the chrome app for mobile. Many videos are not playing within the website itself, using this u can rectify this issue and play videos within the site itself since software plays inside chrome, not some external player.

2. Custom coloring of links

This helps to set special colors for ur links like red for online friends and other links which require special color.

3. Screenshot note

Using this u can take a screenshot within the site, after selecting an area, click on the note option, you can tweak which will help u to privacy by taking a screenshot of sensitive info inside a site that is otherwise available when copying and pasting like password, etc.

4. Save pages

After facing sites with lots o info that u want, need to save it somewhere so that you can access it easily, using a simple extension called save pages, you can download any page and maintain pdf are if you want. Extensions Highlights: Everything directly in the browser – no icon next to the address bar giving easy access to various useful options We don’t annoy you with constant ads trying to convince you how cool your new must-have feature is Installed by over 1 million people, rated at 4+ from users and experts Collapsing ads and other distractions for a clean web experience

5. Share4net Extension

Make a quick easy share option in your browser, add the download to any count, enable adBlocker, switch translate in the double tab on your browser..and u will get scared of how awesome this add-on is. The adblocker was used by over 6 billion people a month across mobile and desktop and we are proud to be the leader of it.


Now that you understand how to remove ads from Chrome, YouTube, and websites, you might want to learn how to block ads on a network level. That way, you can stop any unwanted ads from popping up on your screen, and you’ll be able to enjoy all your favorite websites without ads!

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