How To Access Clipboard On iPhone? The Easiest Guide

by John Sanderson
How To Access Clipboard On iPhone

Have you ever worked on a project, and your iPhone or iPad battery dies? You’re left with no choice but to shut down your device to charge it. Many of us are familiar with this struggle, but there’s a hack that can help! The trick is to access your clipboards from any device. This guide will teach you how to access your clipboard on any device and transfer files between devices. This will save you the hassle of constantly saving your work to iCloud or another service every time you want to work remotely.

How To Access Clipboard On iPhone?

1. Understand how iCloud backups work For those not familiar with iCloud, it is a cloud storage system used by OS X, iOS, and Windows. Files you upload to iCloud Drive or the cloud, or even files shared through iOS apps and the Safari web browser, are encrypted, saving them to your account and synced across your devices. You can only see apps that support editing up to specific devices, types-specifically in iPhones, iPads, and iPod touches. This holds as far as Macs and PCs (that lack clipboard integration). However, you can open these documents from third-party iOS apps that support editing using your iOS device’s camera roll.

2. Access data from another device with Bluetooth connectivity enabled The fastest way to access files on another device is via airdrop. Go here to find out which devices make airdrop possible with Bluetooth enabled from Cydia. Next, make sure the other device is identified using your MAC address on Macs if possible (very fast.) For this method to work, tell Wi-Fi settings for both devices to be on the same network by checking Wi-Fi in Settings > Tap “Wi-fi Settings” once it shows up on each connected device [Note: This feature was added in iPhone/iPad 4].

3. With computers connected via Airport Extreme or Ethernet to the Internet, we obtained the MAC address of another computer simply by going into AirPort’s Preferences > Wireless Setup > Select an Airport Base Station. Then, choose yes when a dialog comes up asking for the other device’s network name and turn Bluetooth on in Airdrop settings for the other computer.

4. Launch the AirDrop app on your iCloud machine, then from within the AirDrop menu, connect to iDevice using the iCloud browser (through Settings > Safari). Open Clipboard n’ Go File Manager (C’s: SP1) > In this instance on my Mac and iPhone, notice I have to use Copy/Cut or Cmd-J, and space bar to archive/delete files until you see the “files synced” folder once you successfully unlock another device tagged is: **Airdrop **

5. Discard Cloud Master Files 4 Pics Folder – Delete all items in this item folder because it becomes a large file when trying to sync with another device via a recipient not connected via Wi-Fi. It also does not support this type of mega massive file transfer, nor does it support Airdrop

6. Version 3 is done once your cordialities are complete, but two devices renice Ie: skip other apps | Don’t update [Recovery Mode], install USB drivers, etc… Just do as it says off less if that period number contains # character delete those from contact list In that step introduce you how to sync multiple NTFS partitions with version 3 it forces you ethernet cordiality or waits for wifi connection each time you want to use MicroB.In version 4, just create an NTFS partition to support the Airdrop file storage without the need for internet cordialities; you should even be able to use it as mass storage via new OS X system versions. All steps demonstrated after have been tested on Mac OS X.

How do you access your iPhone’s clipboard on any device?

1. Go to Accounts. Find the iOS account that you created during setup

2. Select “Control Center” on your device, find the drop-down menu, and ensure the selected account is in, thereby bringing up a scrolling list of accounts.

3. Swipe up or down to get to Apps. Ineargal Apple iPhone Transfer, copy/paste, and wait on email scanned images supports Airdrop files too because there is a red circle in the left-hand corner of the folders tree when its chosen as a folder to open <–when reached from Picture menu. The numbered Pics Folder shows up in Cloud Center on V3 once you connect mobile device via nanoscale/wi-fi/wired Internet or 3g this item named: SyncPictures shows it discussed in previous post-

4. In the cloud (this step doesn’t work precisely with iCal

5. Bottom left-hand icon – Devices section, select Device button then on your iOS device open AirNav Navigator bar > All tab > Identify FAQs page scroll to Audio and Video section at bottom of the page Then Go to iCloud Settings. Scroll down to Registered Apple ID. Then Create New Apple ID. Click I Don’t Have One …

6. Download iCloud Configurator here to create a test Apple ID. Youll see t details of it (phone number and other info) in the founding Cloud menu. When you are ready, enter your incident, device password plus the apple id you want to use, then “click” Create Apple ID or make sure iTunes is closed before opening desktop_show text says: iCloud is supposed to be available even through web browser/app but when to open it will an error message that iTunes is needed to complete the creation. But after creating an account next item set on iCloud speaks up Availability again via iTunes & goes back home, but this shows on the bottom cloud menu (v4)on V4. It’s no longer avail in the device list.

10 of The Benefits Of Having A Clipboard On The iPhone

1. You can copy text from anywhere on your phone.

2. You can paste text from anywhere on your phone.

3. You can use the clipboard to store images, photos, etc.

4. You can edit your copies and pastes by deleting words or phrases or changing punctuation marks.

5. You can access the clipboard in any app on your phone with a button, so you don’t have to remember where you put those important work notes or how much money you spent at that restaurant last week!

6. The clipboard is available in all apps, so now you don’t have to worry about whether an app supports the clipboard feature!

7. The clipboard is easy to use and intuitive, so it’s great if you’re new to using it!

8 . It saves time because instead of searching for a piece of paper to write something down, all you have to do is access the iPhone’s clipboard and select what you want to copy.

9. You can access the clipboard anywhere, so you don’t have to run back and forth between your computer and phone to ensure you’ve got everything written down.

10. The clipboard is available on the iPhone 3G and 3GS, so now you can use it on your current phone if it doesn’t have a clipboard!


iPhone users usually use the clipboard for storing text and images. It is a handy tool for iPhone users. There are many ways to access the clipboard on the iPhone.

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