How Does Ram Affect Gaming?

by John Sanderson
How Does Ram Affect Gaming

Most people think of their graphics card when they’re asked how to improve gaming performance, but many people ignore the ram and leave it at that. That’s about as good as buying a sports car and never taking it out of first gear. Most newer games require 4 GB of ram to play with DirectX 11. If your computer is older than 8 years, you likely only have 2 GB (or less). Depending on your processor, this can cause significant lag in some cases.Ram can change games in more ways than just making them run faster. For example, Skyrim has a save file that is 32 MB in size (if I remember correctly). If you had 16 GB of ram, this would mean that there could be 128 saves instead of just one. Not a significant improvement for most people, but it can also help with loading screens. It’s essential to consider your computer specs when gaming at 4k resolutions. Your video card will need all the processing power it can get, and then some.

The Different Types Of Ram

When you load programs onto your computer, it needs memory. This comes in a few different types of ram, which can confuse some people. Here is a list of the six main types of ram to help explain them a little better.

Dynamic random access memory (DRAM):

this type of ram is the most common and usually the cheapest. The contents of DRAM have to be regularly refreshed, or else they will lose their information, so it’s essential to use this one frequently if you want your data to stay intact. DRAM is slower than other ram forms and loses its contents even when power is shut off without regular refreshing. This makes it less expensive but also less helpful overall

Static random access memory (SRAM):

this is the fastest type of ram and is more expensive since it doesn’t need to be refreshed like DRAM. The downside to SRAM is that it’s more physically fragile than other types of ram and needs its power supply even when the computer is turned off.

Video RAM (VRAM):

most computers use VRAM for video memory instead of regular system memory. This makes sense because VRAM can only display one picture at a time and therefore needs to keep changing what’s displayed on-screen without affecting the rest of the computer.

Extended data-out dynamic random access memory (EDO DRAM or EDRAM):

EDO is an improvement over plain old DRAM, as it has a higher bandwidth for better efficiency. It’s slightly expensive, but since it has become less popular over the years, that has also made it cheaper in some cases.

Magnetoresistive RAM (MRAM):

MRAM is seen as one of the best types of ram because of its speed and stability. It’s not entirely up to par with SRAM, but it can be changed without power or any physical switch to ensure data doesn’t get lost when the computer is turned off. Plus, this type of ram draws very little power when in use, making batteries last longer on mobile devices which use this form of ram instead of traditional system memory.

Resistive RAM (RRAM or ReRAM):

RRAM isn’t very common, but it’s the next step after MRAM. ingThis type of ram is fast and can store data without any power for long periods, making it great for things like storage on spacecraft or wearable devices. It has to be built into the computer system, making it hard to implement if you’re not designing your chip.

Different Ways To Choose The Right Type Of Ram For Your Gaming Computer

1. The first type of ram is DDR2 RAM. It was released after the original DDR technology and had a noticeably higher clock speed than the older technology. The motherboard selection for this specific type is vast and can support speeds up to 1066MHZ, which ensures no lag during gameplay, even while playing graphically intense games.

2.DDR3 ram hit store shelves just before Intel’s core 2 quad line of processors and continued with AMD’s Athlon II X4 processors. Unlike DDR2, which ran on two different frequencies (400MHz and 533MHz), the current standard for DDR3 ram is 800MHz or 1066MHz. Dependent on motherboard selection, modern-day CPUs can support speeds of up to 2133MHZ without any lag in gameplay.

3. The final type of ram, GDDR5 RAM, was developed by Nvidia and is used widely with their GPUs. It is currently considered the most potent form of ram that you can use with your computer. These modules allow frame rates to be rendered at a much smoother rate than older technologies. They also run at a breakneck speed—3600MHZ—which allows the game to load assets instantly instead of loading them as it progresses.

Installing Process New Ram In Your Computer

RAM is an essential computer component that enables fast data processing by the CPU. Installing RAM is, therefore, a good idea for gamers and regular users alike who want
their device to run faster and smoother and have more memory space for various applications they may use.

To install it, you must first open up your computer case

Then, look at the motherboard’s slots for ram, one next to each other, usually on the side facing the back of your computer. In some rare cases, there might be two or three slots, but don’t worry if all you’ve got is one or several ones right next to each other – it only matters that the slots are on the side of your motherboard facing away from you.

Pull out the old RAM

Afterward, carefully pull out the old RAM module and disconnect its wiring. Be careful not to damage the new RAM while doing this – if you’re going to replace one of them, remember which one it is, as certain motherboards label them differently than others do.

Insert the new RAM

Then, insert the new RAM in place and secure it with the clips found on either side of each slot or simply push it down onto those already there. Ensure that it properly fits into place by pressing on both ends of the RAM once inserted. Then, connect back all cables and components needed for data transfer between your hard drive, cd/DVD drive, and other devices, including any case fans.

Close up your computer case

Finally, close up your computer case and turn on the computer to see if everything has been done correctly. If you cannot boot or something seems wrong, open your computer again and check everything carefully. Now you can enjoy all the benefits of a new ram!

Steps Of How Do You Optimize Your Computer’s Settings For Gaming?

Steps to take to optimize your computer’s settings for gaming.

Enable game mode on the PC (Windows 10 Only)

Adjust Visual Effects (Adjust Visual Effects if needed – Windows 7/8 only)

Disable Hibernation (Disable Hibernation if needed – Windows 7/8 only)

Disable Sleep Mode (Disable Sleep Mode if needed – Windows 7/8 only)

Adjust Advanced System Settings (Adjust Advanced System Settings if needed – Windows 7/8 only; 9 is OK out of the box, though).

Windows Game Bar can record video, capture screenshots, and broadcast live gameplay.


What games do you play on a PC?

There are a lot of different games that can be played on a PC. Some popular games include first-person shooters (e.g., Halo, Doom, Counter-Strike), real-time strategy games (e.g., Starcraft, Warcraft), role-playing games (e.g., Diablo, Elder Scrolls), and Massively Multiplayer Online Games (MMOs) (e.g., World of Warcraft, Guild Wars). Many indie games can be found on sites like Steam and, which offer unique gameplay experiences not found in big-budget AAA titles.

Do you feel that ram affects gaming performance?

It’s hard to say for sure because so many variables can affect gaming performance. But, generally speaking, ram does have an impact on gaming performance. That’s because the more data you can store in your ram, the less your computer has to rely on your hard drive. And when it comes to gaming, the faster your computer can access that data, the better the overall gaming experience.

What are your thoughts on the best type of ram to use for gaming?

There is no “best” type of ram for gaming. Different people have different preferences, and what works well for one person may not work as well for another. Ultimately it comes down to personal preference. Some people prefer to use faster, more expensive ram to get better performance, while others find that cheaper, slower ram works just fine.

Do you think that a more expensive ram is necessarily better for gaming?

It depends on the specs of the two rams.
Generally speaking, a more expensive ram will have higher clock speeds, faster memory bandwidth, and more memory modules. This means it will process information faster and provide better performance for gaming and other intensive tasks. However, if the two rams have the same specs, there is no reason to believe that one would be better.

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