5 High-Quality Smart Devices For Your Home  

by John Sanderson
5 High-Quality Smart Devices For Your Home 

Many people are buying smart devices for their homes. Whether it is a smart thermostat to monitor the temperature in your home or a doorbell with a surveillance camera, smart devices can help you conserve energy. Several neat devices can change your home. Here are five of these high-trending smart devices.

Nest Cam (Battery)

This smart camera is the easiest to install in your home. With its beautiful design, the Nest Cam gives a sharp video quality in exhibiting whoever comes to your home. The 1080p camera is considered the top of the line amongst home security cameras. The Nest Cam is especially good to have scenery.

EcoBee Smart Thermostat

When you buy this smart thermostat, save 26% off your annual air conditioning bills. The Ecobee Smart Thermostat seamlessly integrates with other smart devices like Alexa. It even works with the music app Spotify. It also comes with a slick touchscreen interface and a remote sensor that ensures the rooms in your house are properly cooled and heated. In addition, its up-to-date version comes with a better speaker than the original one.

Smart Oven

Have you ever thought of telling Alexa to preheat your oven? Well, now you can with a smart high-tech oven. This oven is a 4-in-1 convection oven, microwave, air fryer, and food warmer in one convenient package. It is voice-controlled by any Alexa Device and comes with over 30 built-in cooking presets. This oven is one-of-a-kind and is a great addition to add to your smart home system.

Ring Video Doorbell 4

This smart doorbell has become quite popular in many homes. Every time you approach the door of a home, you’re almost likely to see it. This smart device is none other than the Ring Video Doorbell 4. This video doorbell is from Amazon and can work with your Alexa device. It comes with 1080p HD video quality and full-color video. Another neat thing about it is you can receive notifications from your phone anytime someone presses your doorbell. Because the Ring doorbell comes with motion detection, you can also get notifications when someone moves toward your door. Ring Video Doorbell could work in any home anytime.

Philips Hue Smart Color Light Bulbs

Get ready to conserve energy with these Energy Star-certified LED smart bulbs. Philips Hue Smart Color Light Bulbs come with lifetime usage of 22 years or 25,000 lifetime hours. With just the touch of a button on your mobile device, you can control your light bulbs by setting up to 16 million colors. This means you can set up your home decor with all sorts of color accents or use light colors for a party. In addition, these smart lights are Bluetooth compatible and for use outdoors and indoors.

You Can Make Your Home A Smart One

These are some of the best home smart devices you can use. Whether you live in a bungalow or a home by the ocean, you can protect your home, monitor its temperature, and lower your energy bills by using these devices. Make your home the smartest and most comfortable place on the block.

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