Does Avast Slow Computer Down

by John Sanderson
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For those who are not familiar with the Avast Antivirus, this brand is a well-known and trusted name. Avast has been able to stay ahead of the game in terms of computer security thanks to its continuous innovation. In recent years, there have been a lot of debates about whether or not Avast actually slows down your computer performance. As it stands, the only true way to find out whether or not Avast slows down your computer is to try it out for yourself and see what happens. However, since that’s too time-consuming, we’ve compiled some information on the topic so you can make an informed decision before you make a purchase.

Does Avast slow down my computer?
There are a lot of different opinions on this, but in general, the answer is no. Avast does not slow down computers and does not contain any malicious software that can harm your computer. However, it should be noted that there have been some instances with Avast slowing down the computer depending on how many other programs were running at once.

How To Install Avast?

1. Download Avast by clicking on the link below.

2. After downloading, go to your Downloads folder and open the Avast installer file.

3. Click “Install” to start the installation.

4. When you are asked to enter your user name and password, do so and click “Next”.

5. Select “I accept the terms in the license agreement”.

6. Enter your email address and click “Next”.

7. Choose whether or not you want Avast to automatically update itself (recommended) or not (not recommended). Click “Next”.

8. Choose whether or not you want to create a shortcut on the desktop (recommended). Click “Next”. If you choose this option, it will create a shortcut icon for Avast on your desktop for easy access later on in use.

9 . Choose which program folders you want Avast to scan for viruses by clicking through a series of checkboxes (recommended). You can also choose which folders you don’t want to scan at all by unchecking any that is checked in Step 8 above (“Never”). Click “Next”. If you uncheck anything, it will not be scanned for viruses at all! That’s right. no more virus scanning! Note: This is just like how Windows 10 works with its virus protection feature turned off by default but has an option that allows users to turn it back on if they wish! This is one of those things that can be good or bad. If you want to be 100% safe, you can skip this step and go directly to step 10.

10. Click “Install” to finish the installation process.
Enjoy using Avast! If you have any questions or comments on how to use Avast, please feel free to leave a comment below!

How To Uninstall Avast?

1. Go to your Control Panel.

2. Click on the “Uninstall a program” button.

3. When the window opens, click on Avast under the list of programs and click “Uninstall”.

4. After Avast is uninstalled, you will be asked if you want to remove any leftover files or not. Click “OK” if you are sure you want to remove all traces of Avast from your computer.

5. Restart your computer to finish the removal process.

10 Best Antivirus For Pc

1. Avast

Avast is the easiest and most popular antivirus on the market. It is also one of the most popular free antivirus programs that you can use on your computer. It has a small size, making it run very easily and quickly on your computer.

2. BitDefender Antivirus

BitDefender Antivirus is an award-winning security program that protects your PC from viruses, malware, spyware, and even rootkits. It does this by using an advanced proprietary technology called Sandbox to isolate threats from other files or processes running on your computer before they can do any damage. This makes it the most effective way to protect against all types of threats that could be on your computer in one complete package!


ESET NOD32 is a great security program that has been used by millions of people worldwide for many years with great success. It is designed to be easy to use while being very effective in protecting you from all types of malware including viruses and spyware as well as other types of malicious software like keyloggers and Trojan horses! ESET also provides you with a free version of its antivirus software so you can try it out for yourself before buying any licenses!

4. AVG AntiVirus Free

AVG AntiVirus Free is another great security program for those who only want basic protection without all the bells and whistles but still want to be protected from all types of malware. This is a great program for those who just want to be protected from viruses and spyware without all the bells and whistles that come with a paid version!

5. Panda Antivirus

Panda Antivirus is a powerful security program designed to protect your computer from all types of threats so you can surf the web safely! It uses an advanced proprietary technology called Anti-Rootkit to protect against rootkits, which are programs that hide in the operating system and then gain access to your computer. It does this by scanning for these threats before they can do any harm!

6. Panda Internet Security

Panda Internet Security looks very similar to its free counterpart but does have some extra features designed specifically for home users like parental controls, password managers, anti-phishing attacks, and more! Like Panda Antivirus Free, it also offers a free trial version that allows you to try out the program before you buy any licenses.

7. Kaspersky Anti-Virus

Kaspersky Anti-Virus is one of the most widely used antiviruses on the market today because of its effectiveness in protecting against viruses, spyware, worms, Trojans, rootkits, and more! It is one of the most popular paid antiviruses on the market today with millions upon millions of users worldwide! It has been designed so that it provides full protection from all types of malicious software including viruses and spyware!

8. Norton AntiVirus

Norton AntiVirus is a great antivirus program for those who want a more traditional security program. It includes features like real-time protection, system monitoring, and more! It has been designed to be easy to use and provides you with a free trial version so you can try it out before you buy any licenses!


Avast is a trustworthy program that protects your computer from viruses, trojans, and other types of malware. However, there are some myths and misconceptions about the program that you may not know about. Hopefully, this article has cleared up any confusion you had about Avast. If you have any questions, feel free to ask in the comments below!


1. What is the difference between Avast and AVG?
AVG and Avast are two antivirus programs that belong to the same company. They both offer a similar amount of protection, but they have different features and different pricing models. Although they both offer some protection, AVG is more suited for home use while Avast is better for business.

2. Why do I get a pop-up message saying “Your computer has been infected with Trojans etc.” when I run an Avast scan?
This message is usually caused by malware that has managed to infiltrate your system unnoticed. This can be caused by Trojan viruses, which are programs designed to steal information or money from your computer. It can also be caused by spyware, which monitors your browsing habits or sends out copies of this information to third parties without you knowing about it!

3. How do I remove malware from my PC?
Malware removal is usually done by running a full scan on your computer in order to find out which programs are causing the problems on your system. Once you have found all the suspicious files that have been installed on your system, it’s time to delete them! You can try using an anti-malware program like Avast (which will show you where all the malicious files are located) or download a program like Spyhunter.

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