Do Online Companies Really Need To Invest In Apps?

by John Sanderson
Do Online Companies Really Need To Invest In Apps

Due to the latest events in the world such as the pandemic of COVID-19, outrageous numbers of people use different apps on their smartphones and tablets nowadays. It concerns people in all different parts of the globe, not even particular countries. Millions of users use companies’ mobile apps to get in touch with their favorite brands or be aware of all the updates.

Although is so popular now and can become your crucial tool, you have to be sure that the app you invest your time and really big money in will be worth your effort. The native app must suit you perfectly, otherwise, there is no reason to invest in it at all. Competition in the market grows and you must definitely stand out from the crowd. A native app could help you do that, but it may also be useless.

Of course, a mobile application for online business cannot be called necessary because everything depends on your niche. If many businesses start creating their apps, it still does not mean you have to do the same. If you want to figure out whether you need to invest in the app for your company and it will be a rewarding investment, check the information below. It will help you ask yourself the necessary questions and make the right decision before spending tons of your money. 

Becoming More Competitive

As was mentioned above, mobile apps are beneficial not for everybody. However, every business should build an app. You must “follow the trend” and stand out to be a competitive business. An internal app increases your competitiveness. No worries, you do not have to develop an app for traditional app stores but the internal app market such as Ionic or Max Lynch. It keeps everything secret.

Keeping The End-User In Mind

When you consider investing in apps, it is crucial to have your end-user in mind. Think of the way he will interact with your platform.  A mobile apps business development is required if your users are mostly mobile. However, if the majority of the website users are using their desktop versions and prefer larger screens, then creating a mobile app is not crucial but still welcomed. 

Boosting Your Selling Workflow

For most companies, a mobile app is just a way of selling their goods or services. Apart from that, a business app allows you to collect certain information. Of course, it is not obligatory or your priority. Many businesses can brag about having their apps but not every niche still requires it.

If you sell well already, then the app is just a way to boost your selling workflow. If you feel that your sales are going better than you could ever wish, then you can delay the development of an internal app for a while.

Only A Top-Notch App Matters

If you want to invest in an app for your business just because the rest of the companies are doing it, then there is no need to do it. It can be worth your time and money only if the app is at least of the same quality as your website, although creating a much better app would be a great option for you.

The app must bring something new your customers would find more convenient and beneficial than your website. It has to be tailored and fit the mobile view and include all mobile ecosystem features. Just imagine you created an that is operating worse than your current website. How would your company be taken by users? They will just think you are incompetent. 

The users will be disappointed since they expect an app to be at least as good as the website they used to use for a while. You will hardly be able to get their trust and respect back even if you improve the quality soon. Imagine what kind of feedback you are going to receive! You will be blamed for the time they lost while installing your app. 

Therefore, if you want an app to reach its primary goal and expand the opportunities for your business, think of the quality beforehand and never hurry to launch the app until you are assured of its quality. Spend some time finding a really trustworthy and reliable developer. 

Consider A Progressive Web App

Good businesses are worth good developers. But if you do not want to spend a lot and are willing to save at least something, you can consider having a PWA (progressive web app). This is a regular website optimized for mobile versions and can be run in the app containers.

Once the apps customers open the PWA version of your website, they can have a mobile option on their phone. In other words, your website will be mobile-optimized. They see this shortcut as an app that differs from their mobile browser. 

If you use this option, you should realize that you cannot benefit from the app stores. However, it will save your money on the app development and, at the same time, bring your users a ood mobile experience. You can create your progressive web app in several different ways depending on your CMS. Some of them can even be generated automatically.

Solving The Problem With The Help Of A Mobile App

Before you start developing your mobile app, you need to ask yourself what problem it is going to solve. If the same problem can be solved without the app, then you might not even need it. If you only want to brag about it but it doesn’t solve any problems of your customers, then it will hardly bring the necessary results. They should have very clear purposes regardless of your industry. 


Is an app for companies really necessary? Do you really have to invest in your mobile app? There is no clear answer to these questions. The answer depends on the goal you are going to achieve and how it, actually, can serve your users. For some companies, mobile apps are crucial while others prefer having just PWAs. 

Regardless of which of the options you choose, remember that your app must be of high quality only, otherwise, it will be useless. Making your website operate well on mobile devices should be also one of the goals to pursue! 

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