Can You Join A PS4 Party On Pc

by John Sanderson
Can You Join A Ps4 Party On Pc

The PS4 has been a stronger console since its launch in 2013. The company’s exclusive games and services continue to be popular. Many PC users have switched to the PS4 because of it. Many players prefer using the PS4 instead of the other options for the same reasons. So if you’re one of those people who have swapped to the PlayStation 4 but still want to play with friends on your favorite platform, then you’ll need to join a party on pc that’s playing on their computer as well. You might think this will be a complicated process, but it won’t take too much time once you know how. Read on for more details about how to join a party on pc with your friends who are also playing on their computers!

Can You Join A Ps4 Party On Pc?

      Yes, it’s possible to join a PS4 party on a PC.

  1. Open the Party Voice Chat application on your PS4.
  2. In the top right corner of the Party Voice Chat application, click the ‘Add member’ button.
  3. On your PC, open the Party Voice Chat application and click ‘Join party’.

How To Join A Party On Pc In Seconds.

1. Search For A Party On Ps4.

Searching for a party is easy once you know what to do. But let me give you a few pointers first. A party can be found by typing in “Party” on the PS4 console’s search bar and pressing enter. Alternatively, you can type “PS4 Party” into the PC browser and click search after that or type “Connect PSN Friends” and select it from the results. You might need to put your system into “hibernation mode” first before doing this step. Here are some more details about how to join other players who are playing at the same time: One of your friends needs to be already playing The game needs to be compatible with all the systems Your friend needs to have their system in get-up-and-play mode (aspartic or disc) You will both see each other in matchmaking

2. Enter Name, Location, And Date Of Birth Into The Host List

After finding someone and clicking Add Person, you should note their info in case you want them as a host later on or if you want to chat with them after completing the matchmaking process without being hostile towards one another (which is neither good nor bad.).

3. Join The Party

Once you’ve entered all of your details, the PS4 party hosting will pick them and you’ll be able to join in a few seconds. In case there is a matchmaking error, then this will happen. To complete this step successfully (the first one), all players need to have their systems set in get-up-and-play mode, their system needs to be running, and if possible, the game needs to be compatible with both platforms.

4. Try Joining Engaged Parties On Pc

After joining a party on the PS4 that is ready for you, it’s time to focus on other parties who will invite you when they see that you are online as well. Remember that they need see your screen before they can invite you too as well (both screens have to be shown). You will see other people who are in another party depending on how far along in the game process they are currently at when you go into matchmaking.

That’s how simple it can get if everything is done properly.

5. Complete Missions To Level Up

Finally, now that you’ve found a party, it’s time to complete their missions. These missions are a set of challenges the host is doing on their own. They are typically worth more points and allow you to level up your character stats without picking up any quest items along the way that can help you. You can start at level 3 by just starting with the highest base stats that can be found quickly and easily in each area. The level also determines your mission difficulty depending on how many quests have been completed so far (each mission only needs one addition per time you go into matchmaking though.)

6. Complete Missions To Gain Skill Points

To gain skill points, you need to complete quests and missions while playing through the game’s map (which is available right away in front of your eyes). Each time you complete a mission or play through an area, your progress will increase depending on how close to 100% of that mission was completed in terms of how many objectives were completed (which I’ll explain below.) At this point, everyone in the party needs to know if they want these special items when completing these quests since they can be very rare (and some may require everyone in the party.) To get these items easily if all players do is do what the host does, one player should perform all of the quests and all requirements for them once after another before going into matchmaking.

Sync Your Ps4 And Pc Accounts.

  1. Make sure you are on the same platform as your account. For example, Xbox players will have to sync up with Xbox Live, while PS4 players will sync up with PSN.
  2. Head to your device’s settings and find either “Accounts” or “Network,” depending on what device you are using.
  3. On PC, click on the dropdown menu that says Accounts, click on Edit, and then find the profile that has Crimzon Clover World in its name under which it says Linked Accounts(s) and Clicked Accounts:
  4. If you’re using a mobile device (which I strongly recommend), skip to step 7 below because it may be hard for you to find this option:
  5. Underneath this section of the account management screen, there should be a text box that reads Linked or Linking… On both versions of Crimzon Clover World-related devices (PS4/PC), this section of the page should contain two text boxes that say “Linked Accounts” and “Linking…” (or something similar). Once you have found either one of these boxes (both have done since I have made these guides) then scroll down until you see an About section that is also a link towards connecting your mobile device to said linked accounts or accounts (if applicable) where it says Like being linked or any other similar text if needed clicking on this link will begin the process of linking your mobile device to those two accounts:
  6. From there, it will give you a pop-up that asks you to press any buttons on your device to proceed. After selecting this option, it should take you to the account management section where you should see an ‘Unlink’ option under the linked accounts or accounts.
  7. If in case, your device and/or game do not seem to be working together after these steps then try unchecking all of the “Linked” boxes (underneath Step 7: Last Updated section in your PS4) and then restarting both those devices if applicable.
  8. If this process does not work for some reason, either try restarting your device or restarting Crimzon Clover World itself via a browser.

Confirming You’re In The Right Room

  1. In the upper left corner, you should see your in-game name. It should start with “T.A.” if you’re playing in Japanese and “C.C.” if you’re playing in English. The two of these are what people use as their UWP (Universal Windows Platform).
  2. On the right side of the screen, there is a lower button that says “Connect Now” which will bring up a window for any other users currently online within that dungeon with you. Their names will appear here so once again, use this to connect with them and have someone confirm that you are both in the same dungeon with one another.
  3. You will also see another button next to this called “Services”. Unless you’re on PC then chances are it won’t be there as it has already been explained above so do not worry about it being there since it’s irrelevant for PC players except for those living outside of Japan who may only know about services when they go online (if applicable).
  4. In my case, I’m a Japanese UWP (since I play Crimzon Clover World in Japanese) and my friend is an English UWP gamer so I can see both of their names on these two buttons but others might not have these two buttons available to them at all times because they may choose to play Crimzon Clover World on mobile devices instead of PC or if they’re using any devices without account management features then they wouldn’t have access to them either. It’s totally up to you on how you want to play and so I will just continue to explain the buttons anyway as they are not important except for PC/Mac Windows users who do not have access to these features.
  5. If these two buttons (Connect Now and Services) are not available, it’s because there isn’t anyone currently playing with you in that dungeon at the moment. If nobody is playing with you then you cannot use this option or button (if applicable) again after it has been triggered but if the real issue is that there isn’t anyone online or online at this moment then that means that nobody can enter your dungeon with you. That’s ok! Just go back into Step 1: How To Play Crimzon Clover World and try to be patient in waiting for someone else to join your dungeon after exploring for a bit or perhaps keeping an eye out for other players online in other dungeons and random events within the game. There is still hope!


The PS4 has a lot to offer, and many PC users have switched over to it for the same reasons. If you’re one of them, then you’ll need to join a party on pc with your friends who are also playing on their computers. This can be a bit of a hassle, but it will be worth it once you’re connected with your friends and playing the game you love. Now that you know how to join a party on pc with your friends who play on their computers, you can enjoy group gaming with ease.

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