Let’s Do Video’s InfoComm 2016 Wrap-Up


Altia Systems was showing off their new PanaCast 2 Huddle Room Solution. This solution consists of their PanaCast 2 camera paired with an Intel NUC (or Compute Stick), a USB speakerphone, and a wireless keyboard. As I’ve explained in a recent webinar and previous video podcast, the PanaCast 2 offers a unique solution to the problem of trying to look around a room from a remote location. While competing solutions mainly rely upon moving cameras with difficult controls, the PanaCast 2 captures the entire room in 4K resolution. Remote users can then pan and zoom to any part of the image on their mobile device or desktop. In other words, you look around the PanaCast 2 video image just as you would look around a standard digital picture image.

This makes it the only solution on the market (that I am aware of) allowing each remote participant to individually look at a different area within the room from a single camera. With other solutions, all remote participants must share the same exact view. By pairing the PanaCast 2 with a small PC and speakerphone, it becomes a complete huddle room system.

At the booth, Aurangzeb Khan (Co-Founder, President & CEO), explained how the PanaCast 2 was built with plenty of overhead in its processing power. This has allowed Altia to continuously improve the camera for existing customers via software updates to improve the experience. It’s almost as if they can give the cameras a complete “brain transplant” at no cost. Most cameras or hardware peripherals can not offer this level of future-proofing.


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