Top 10 Best VHS To DVD Recorders

by John Sanderson

If you are looking for the best VHS to DVD recorder, you have come to the right place. We have researched and ranked 10 of the best models on the market today! These units will allow you to convert your tapes into digital files that can be played back digitally or stored on a device like an external hard drive. To find out more about these units, keep reading below!

Here Are The Top 3 VHS to DVD Recorders To Check At A Glance If You Are In A Hurry:

Sony RDR-VX530 DVD Recorder & VHS Combo Player
Toshiba DVR670/DVR670KU DVD/VHS Recorder with Built in Tuner, Black (2009 Model)
Sanyo DVD Recorder/VCR Combo 2-way recording
Sony RDR-VX530 DVD Recorder & VHS Combo Player
Toshiba DVR670/DVR670KU DVD/VHS Recorder with Built in Tuner, Black (2009 Model)
Sanyo DVD Recorder/VCR Combo 2-way recording
Sony RDR-VX530 DVD Recorder & VHS Combo Player
Sony RDR-VX530 DVD Recorder & VHS Combo Player
Toshiba DVR670/DVR670KU DVD/VHS Recorder with Built in Tuner, Black (2009 Model)
Toshiba DVR670/DVR670KU DVD/VHS Recorder with Built in Tuner, Black (2009 Model)
Sanyo DVD Recorder/VCR Combo 2-way recording
Sanyo DVD Recorder/VCR Combo 2-way recording

Top 10 Best VHS to DVD Recorders Reviewed


A DVD Recorder that records to both DVD and VHS, the Sony RDR-VX530 gives you flexibility in recording options. The One Touch Dubbing feature allows you to easily copy your video from a DV or Digital 8 camcorder onto VHS or vice versa. With four head stereo VHS with 19-micron heads, the Sony RDR-VX530 has high-quality playback for your favorite videos.


The Toshiba DVR670 is a full-featured DVD recorder that combines the functionality of multiple A/V components into a single unit. It supports recording and playback of MP3/WMA/JPEG/DivX files, as well as playing DVDs and VHS tapes. The DVR670 also features an ATSC tuner for watching digital broadcast television via antenna or cable, and it includes support for Dolby Digital and DTS surround sound formats.


The Sanyo DVD Recorder/VCR Combo is a versatile home entertainment system that allows you to record, playback, and watch video content from any source. It features HDMI output for high-definition viewing on an HDTV, as well as S-Video output for traditional analog TV viewing. The unit also provides the ability to playback CDs, CD-R/RW discs, and VHS tapes.


The Majority DVD Player is a compact, portable and versatile DVD player with remote control. It can play DVDs from all regions/zones and CDs as well as MP3s through its USB port. The Majority DVD Player has a headphone jack for private listening and comes with an AC adapter for easy use anywhere you go.


Sony’s SLV-D380P Progressive Scan DVD player is the perfect all-in-one entertainment solution for your home. It plays DVDs, CDs, MP3 discs, JPEG photos, and even T120 videotapes (with the optional VHS adapter). The built-in 4-head Hi-Fi stereo system with Dolby Pro Logic II gives you an incredible surround sound experience when watching movies on DVD or viewing digital photos on CD/MP3 discs.


Sony’s RDR-VX560 1080p DVD Recorder with HDMI Output is a great addition to any home theater system. The VX560 features One Touch Dubbing from Digital Still Camera and DVD/Hard Drive Camcorder through USB, Two Way One Touch Dubbing from VCR to DVD or reverse, and does not include Tuner. 1080p Upscaling Video Output through HDMI Connection for DVD and VHS.


Sony RDR-VX555 Tunerless DVD Recorder/VHS Combo Player with HDMI Output. The Sony RDR-VX555 is a tuneless DVD recorder that combines the power of a VCR and the convenience of a DVD player in one convenient device. This tuneless DVD recorder features an HDMI output for connecting to HDTVs, as well as recording from both analog and digital sources. With its two-way dubbing feature, you can easily copy video content from VHS tapes or DVDs onto DVDs or VHS tapes, respectively.


The Emerson ZV427EM5 DVD/VCR with a built-in tuner is a versatile home entertainment solution for your whole family. This VCR comes with an HDMI output, so you can connect it to your TV and enjoy movies in stunning HD quality. The Emerson ZV427EM5 DVD/VCR also has a USB port that lets you play music, photos, and videos from any USB storage device. It even allows you to record up to 6 programs simultaneously while watching another program on the same screen.


The Toshiba SD-R6015 DVD and VHS Recorder is a two-way dubbing recorder. It records in DVD and VHS formats and also plays MP3, Kodak Picture CD, JPEG, and Video CD. The SD-R6015 can record from an external tuner source or from the DV input on the unit. This model also has a Dolby Digital 5.1 decoder that will playback DVD movies with surround sound to match your home entertainment system.


The Magnavox MDV-700 is an all-in-one solution for transferring your old home videos from VHS to DVD. Easy to use and simple to set up, the MDV-700 offers a one-touch recording that allows you to record directly from a VHS tape onto a blank DVD or onto your computer using the included USB cable. The unit includes an HDMI output so you can connect it directly to your TV without having to purchase additional cables.

Buying Guide For The Best VHS To DVD Recorders

1. What are my goals?

Before making any decisions, especially when it comes to preserving memories that are highly valuable, you should sit down and decide what your goal is. Why do you want to convert these tapes? Do you just simply want them in the digital format so they take up less space on shelves or do you have children who want their own copies? Or maybe some of your precious videos have degraded so much that playing them has become impossible at this point. Knowing what exactly it is that you are trying for will help narrow down which machine best suits your needs.

2 . How patient are you?

VHS-DVD recorders, like any other machine that doesn’t go through a format and speed change, take approximately six times longer to transfer video than watching it normally. This means you will need lots of patience if these machines are the only option for you. The least expensive models can take as long as three hours to convert one movie, but there are some high-end models available that can do it in about 15 minutes. Also, keep in mind that this process is only going to get faster as newer technologies become available.

3 . What other formats do you have?

One major decision you should look at before buying a VHS-DVD recorder is whether or not you already have a DVD player hooked up to your television. If so, how old is it and what format does it play? It would be a huge waste of money to buy a recorder that can’t decode old formats, so make sure you know what you already have. If this is your first time having a DVD player in the house, we completely recommend you go for something that can convert VHS to DVD as well as older formats into DVDs that will play properly on all devices.

4 . What type of television do you actually need?

Another thing to keep in mind before buying any VHS-DVD recorder, especially if this is your first one, is how many connections you actually need. Some models come with just basic RCA AV inputs and outputs and others include HDMI or components which can greatly increase the quality of your video. These high-end models are usually more expensive, so choose carefully.

5 . What additional features interest you most?

There are tons of VHS-DVD recorders on the market today ranging in price and capabilities, but there is still a wide variety of products to choose from. Before making this investment, ask yourself what else you would like to have with it? Some of these machines can also function as DVD players, allowing you to put them on shelves without taking up too much space saving room for other devices like game systems or BluRay players. Others include slots for USB drives which make it possible to share videos online instantly.

3 Benefits Of VHS to DVD Recorders

1. You can look back at your childhood pretending you are taking a nostalgic journey down memory lane. It’s really cool, try it!

2. VHS tapes are usually pretty cheap on craigslist or eBay or Amazon or wherever, so they make for great gifts.

3. Most old movies were not shot in High Definition video format (like the one that has replaced VHS tapes). Because of this, their picture is way better if viewed with a VHS to DVD recorder than it is on TV/Streaming media/etc

Wrapping Up

We’ve looked at the best VHS to DVD recorders on the market, now it’s time for you to see which one matches your needs. Which is yours? Share with us in a comment below!

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