Top 10 Best Thomson Freezers

by John Sanderson
Top 10 Best Thomson Freezers

If you are looking for the best Thomson freezer, then this post is for you. We’ll take a look at the best models of freezers available on the market today and evaluate what makes them stand out from other brands.

Are you in a hurry and looking for a few Thomson Freezers highlighted? Well, here are the top 3

RCA RFRF695 Upright Freezer, 6.5 cf Stainless
Frigidaire FFFU16F2VV 28" Upright Freezer with 15.5 cu. ft. Capacity Power Outage Assurance EvenTemp Cooling System and Door Ajar Alarm in Stainless Steel
Arctic King ARC070S0ARBB 7 cu ft Chest Freezer, Black
RCA RFRF695 Upright Freezer, 6.5 cf Stainless
Frigidaire FFFU16F2VV 28" Upright Freezer with 15.5 cu. ft. Capacity Power Outage Assurance EvenTemp Cooling System and Door Ajar Alarm in Stainless Steel
Arctic King ARC070S0ARBB 7 cu ft Chest Freezer, Black
RCA RFRF695 Upright Freezer, 6.5 cf Stainless
RCA RFRF695 Upright Freezer, 6.5 cf Stainless
Frigidaire FFFU16F2VV 28" Upright Freezer with 15.5 cu. ft. Capacity Power Outage Assurance EvenTemp Cooling System and Door Ajar Alarm in Stainless Steel
Frigidaire FFFU16F2VV 28" Upright Freezer with 15.5 cu. ft. Capacity Power Outage Assurance EvenTemp Cooling System and Door Ajar Alarm in Stainless Steel
Arctic King ARC070S0ARBB 7 cu ft Chest Freezer, Black
Arctic King ARC070S0ARBB 7 cu ft Chest Freezer, Black

Top 10 Best Thomson Freezers Reviewed


The RCA 6. 5 cu ft upright freezer is the perfect appliance to keep your favorite foods fresh and frozen at all times. It has a large capacity of 6. 5 cubic feet, which can hold up to 300 lbs of food. The reversible door allows you to change the direction of the door for convenience in tight spaces. The LED interior light makes it easy to see what’s inside while you’re shopping or storing your food items. This freezer also features an adjustable thermostat that lets you monitor the temperature with ease and adjust it accordingly.


The Frigidaire FFFU16F2VV is a 16 cubic foot upright freezer used in the garage or basement. It has an EvenTemp cooling system to maintain consistent temperatures throughout the unit. The Flexible Interior Organization System allows you to customize your storage options based on what you are storing.


This chest freezer from Arctic King is great for storing large quantities of frozen foods. It has a temperature range of -20°F to 0°F, allowing you to store fresh and frozen food items in the same unit. The ARC070S0ARBB also features an auto-defrost function that prevents ice buildup. This 7 cu ft model comes with adjustable thermostat control that allows you to customize your storage temperatures between -20°F and 0°F. The interior LED light will allow you to easily see what’s inside the freezer at all times.


The Frigidaire 28 Inch White Freestanding Upright Counter Depth Freezer is an excellent addition to any kitchen. It features a power outage assurance and an even temp cooling system for consistent temperatures throughout the unit. The floor-projected power-on indicator will let you know when you have left the freezer on, so it won’t waste energy or money. This freestanding upright freezer has a capacity of 13 cubic feet and can hold up to 150 pounds of frozen food.


Arctic Air AWF25 Single Door Reach-in Freezer is a beautiful, economical reach-in designed to hold products at just the right temperature. The exterior is painted white steel that stays clean and fingerprint-free. A high output fan motor, digital thermostat with external digital display, and bottom-mounted compressor are standard on all models. The AWF25 comes with three adjustable shelves and locking casters. This model has an optional Anti-Mold liner for added protection against bacteria and mold growth in your refrigerator or freezer.


The Premium PRF736HS 7.4 cubic foot refrigerator from Frigidaire is a great choice for any family or person who wants to save money on their electric bill while still getting the best performance possible from a top-tier refrigerator. The ENERGY STAR qualified unit has been designed to meet federal guidelines for energy efficiency, saving you money year-round on your power bills and giving you peace of mind that the unit will be working at peak performance even when it’s full of food and drinks.


The Keg 7.0 Cubic Feet Top Chest Freezer is the perfect size to keep your favorite food in a deep freeze. Its compact design saves space, and its silent operation makes it ideal for bedrooms, offices, or wherever you need to store food items. The freezer comes with adjustable temperature control from -13°F to 17.6°F, allowing you to select the right setting for your frozen foods. The freezer also comes equipped with a hanging storage basket that allows you to organize your frozen foods, making them easy to find when you want to use them.


This 54-Quart Car Refrigerator is designed to keep food, drinks, medicine, and more at the right temperature. It features a large door that opens wide for easy access. The interior includes a removable basket for storing items of different sizes. This unit can be powered by either 12/24V DC or 90V to 240V AC input power sources.
The battery protection mode will automatically switch on when you plug in the car refrigerator with the vehicle’s DC power supply (12/24 V).


The Midea MRC050S0AWW is a chest freezer with a capacity of 0.05 cu ft. At 24.7″ X 21.7″ X 33.5″, the Midea chest freezer will fit in most spaces and has external temperature control from -12 to -28 degrees, making it ideal for storing frozen food, ice cream; or ice cubes for your home bar or restaurant! The mechanical control features an adjustable thermostat that ranges from -12 to -28 degrees Fahrenheit, allowing you to set the temperature as low as possible.


The Whynter FM-65G 65 Quart Portable Refrigerator is an excellent addition to any home, office, or dorm room. This portable refrigerator features an 8-feet AC power cord and 10-feet DC power cord, two removable wire baskets, an insulated lid, and walls for temperature retention and easy cleaning. The stainless steel side handles make carrying this unit convenient. LED temperature display makes it easy to see the current temperature inside the unit. If both AC and DC are plugged in at the same time, then the unit will primarily operate on AC.

Buying Guide For The Best Thomson Freezers

1. Consider how much space you have. In order to choose the correct size freezer, it is important to take into account both your present and projected future needs. You should first determine how many people will need to use the freezer, what type of foods they eat, and whether you want a separate compartment for meat or if other types of food will be stored together. This also brings up another important question: do you have enough space in your home to accommodate a freezer?

2. Determine how much the freezer will be used. A common misconception is that more expensive appliances are of better quality. This is not always true, especially in cases where the product is an occasional use item such as a freezer. If you only require a freezer because of irregular or seasonal usage, then it may be best for you to invest less and buy something that will not need to be repaired periodically if it gets too much use.

3. Decide whether size matters One major advantage of having a Thomson Freezer is its superior insulation which means it uses up very little energy because cold air doesn’t escape from all the cracks and crevices (at least not until the seal fails). However, this feature only works if the freezer is full. Empty spaces allow cold air to escape, so it is important to remember that small freezers are more energy-efficient than large ones.

4. Consider your budget Nothing beats getting a good deal on your purchase! However, there are certain things to consider before buying a Thomson freezer on sale or for a low price. You need to ask yourself whether the product has been refurbished by the manufacturer, used by other people before you bought it, or just sold at too low of a price because there were minor defects that have since been fixed. While refurbished products may come complete with all their functional parts and still maintain their quality despite being “used” or faulty parts replaced, these types of products typically come with a limited, if any, warranty at all.


3 Benefits Of Thomson Freezers

1. Energy Efficiency

Since 1974, TEFAL – who owns the Thomson brand name – has been designing products that use less power than their competitors. For example, if you’ve ever had a fridge or freezer on too high a setting or left it open while away on vacation, you will have been wasting energy. Thomson freezers are fitted with sensors that trigger the compressor to stop when the door is opened, putting a stop to wastage of power. In fact, they use up to 40% less energy than other manufacturers’ appliances!

2. Safety

Thomson fridges and freezers are fitted with a range of safety features for added peace of mind while using the appliance. The door alarm is a common feature on many modern appliances, which detects if the door has been left open for more than 60 seconds by emitting an audible “beep” sound from inside or outside of the unit. This helps to prevent potential dangers such as children being locked inside or food being left out at room temperature for too long.

3. Durability

The materials used to make Thomson appliances are of the finest quality in order to improve their durability. This guarantees that you will enjoy your appliance for many years to come, without having to worry about it breaking down when you need it most or becoming damaged by leaving it open for too long! Foodland Supermarkets take pride in our great value, best-in-class appliances, which are available at affordable prices in-store and online. We’ve got a range of Thomson appliances on offer, so why not visit one of our New Zealand stores today?


We’ve provided you with the top 10 best Thomson freezers on the market. Now, all we need is for you to tell us which one of these products appeals most to your style and needs!

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