Top 9 Best Temporal Artery Thermometer Reviews

by John Sanderson

Temporal artery thermometers are the best way to measure your body temperature. The best temporal artery thermometer is a device that can be used externally and has been approved by the FDA. In this article, we will provide you with a list of the 9 best temporal artery thermometers for sale today!

Here’s The Shortlist To Save Your Time:

Beurer 3-in-1 Forehead Non-Contact, Body, Surface, Room Temperature, High Accuracy, Large Blue Backlit LCD Display Thermometer, 60 Memory Spaces, FT90 White, 32 Count (Pack of 1)
Beurer 3-in-1 Forehead Non-Contact, Body, Surface, Room Temperature, High Accuracy, Large Blue Backlit LCD Display Thermometer, 60 Memory Spaces, FT90 White, 32 Count (Pack of 1)
Beurer 3-in-1 Forehead Non-Contact, Body, Surface, Room Temperature, High Accuracy, Large Blue Backlit LCD Display Thermometer, 60 Memory Spaces, FT90 White, 32 Count (Pack of 1)
Beurer 3-in-1 Forehead Non-Contact, Body, Surface, Room Temperature, High Accuracy, Large Blue Backlit LCD Display Thermometer, 60 Memory Spaces, FT90 White, 32 Count (Pack of 1)

9 Best Temporal Artery Thermometer Available In The Market


The Beurer 3-in-1 Forehead Non-Contact Thermometer provides a quick and accurate reading without having to place the measuring element in the mouth of the ear. It is extremely easy (especially for parents) and comfortable. The versatile thermometer can measure the temperature of an object, i.e. a baby’s milk bottle or room temperature, ensuring maximum comfort for your child.


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The Exergen Temporal Artery Thermometer is the only thermometer that measures oral and temporal artery temperature at the same time. The temporal artery is located on the forehead and provides a more accurate reading than an oral thermometer, which measures under the tongue. The Exergen Temporal Artery Thermometer has been clinically proven to be as accurate as rectal thermometers in infants, children, adults, and elderly patients. It also features a patented infrared sensor that makes it easier to use with infants or sleeping patients.


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Exergen Temporal Artery Thermometer is designed to provide the most accurate temperature reading. It provides a quick and easy way to accurately check your child’s temperature when they are sick. This thermometer is designed with advanced technology that provides fast and accurate readings in just seconds.
The Exergen Temporal Artery Thermometer features a clinically proven accuracy, which means it will give you the same results as your doctor’s office.


The Exergen Temporal Scan Forehead Artery Baby Thermometer is a simple to use a thermometer that uses infrared technology to capture naturally emitted heat from the forehead. The gentle stroke of the scan provides an accurate temperature in just 1 second and eliminates the need for probe covers or lens caps.


The Exergen temporal thermometer is a non-invasive, fast, and accurate way to take your temperature. The red LED flashes and beep indicate the correct scan. This thermometer is safe for all ages and can be used on adults, children, and infants. Get an accurate reading in under 10 seconds with Exergen’s Temporal Scanner 1 thermometer.


The DMT-489BL forehead and ear thermometer is a professional digital thermometer for adults and kids. It measures body temperature or object/room temperature in just 1 second. Equipped with a fever alarm, color-changing screen, and backlit display, the DMT-489BL is made practical for you to use at home.


The iHealth No-Touch Forehead Thermometer is the best thermometer for you and your family. It uses infrared technology to measure body temperature in less than a second with no need for contact between the thermometer and skin. With this thermometer, you can take an accurate temperature reading of your baby or child without ever touching them! The iHealth No-Touch Forehead Thermometer is FDA approved and clinically tested to ensure accuracy, precision, reliability, and safety.


Femtometer is a touchless thermometer that gives you an instant reading of your body temperature. It’s the most accurate way to measure your body temperature. Femtometer comes with 2 AAA batteries included, and it’s safe for use on children from 3 months to 99 years old! The large LCD display makes it easy to read, even when you’re not feeling well.


Goodbaby Thermometer is a touchless, forehead and ear thermometer. The most accurate one in this price range. It has three ultra-sensitive sensors for fast reading within 1 second. It is actually more convenient than oral/rectal thermometers. This digital thermometer supports ℃ and ℉, easily switchable by touching the button on the top of it. You can take temperature either from the forehead or earlobe with this baby thermometer.

5 Things You Must Know While Choosing The Best Temporal Artery Thermometer

1. How does it work?

Temporal artery thermometers measure the infrared heat radiated from your forehead and calculate your temperature based on a change in skin blood flow. This is a better indicator of the core body temperature than taking an oral or rectal temperature. It can be done even without touch, since this method measures using laser light instead of contact with probe tips that other methods use. In addition, it can also monitor for fever over 99% accurately.

2. What are the different types?

There are several types that range from wrist-worn types to check pulse rates, to styles that fit in the ear canal, and the most popular is a forehead model. The units can vary from basic digital units to electronic digital models with various levels of memory storage, which may be useful if you have multiple patients or need to monitor someone over a period of time.

3. How accurate are they?

Temporal thermometers are very accurate under proper usage when used by trained professionals. There are several points to consider when using one: 1) Buy a quality brand that uses advanced technology 2) Re-calibrate regularly for optimum accuracy 3) Perform a test/check on your unit after transporting it 4) Make sure there is enough battery left in your unit 5) Check expiration dates 6) Clean the probe well and disinfect after use

4. Are there any disadvantages?

As with all medical devices, there are no perfect ones in this world. However, temporal thermometers do have some disadvantages: 1) They may be less accurate when used by untrained/unfamiliar users 2) The cost of the unit and the replacement tips ($9.95 per box), free batteries (if you subscribe to their service plan), and carrying case can add to the overall costs over time 3) If not properly calibrated then accuracy issues will arise 4) It has a much faster rate of false readings than other types like oral thermometers 5) There is still a chance for user error such as improper forehead positioning 6) May cause discomfort for certain patients

5. Are they hard to use?

With proper training and practice, the thermometers are easy to use once you have mastered the technique. The manufacturer of a brand we suggest provides an excellent step-by-step guide for this as well as free 24/7 live assistance if there is ever a problem or question with your unit. All one needs to do is call their toll-free number and they can either answer your questions or provide you with another resource that can help you out!

Why Do You Need a Temporal Artery Thermometer

1. Quick and easy

TATs can measure temperature much more quickly than traditional thermometers. This can be a significant benefit, especially if you have a child who is unwilling to sit still for long periods of time in order to get their temperature measured. Because TATs can measure in seconds, they make the process much less stressful and time-consuming.

2. Continuous measurement

Not only are TATs more accurate than some other types of thermometers, but they also don’t require you to take multiple readings at different points on your child’s forehead or under their arm as traditional thermometers do. Instead, it’s possible to get an accurate reading by pressing the TAT briefly against the skin and allowing it to return a single value without interruption.

3. Monitor fever over time

One benefit that has parents and pediatricians especially excited about TATs is that they can track changes in temperature over time, which helps to diagnose the intensity of a fever. Although this feature isn’t unique to these thermometers (oral and rectal thermometers can do it too), it’s still an important factor to consider when deciding on the right device for your family.

To Wrap Up

We hope you’ve found this article helpful, and that it has answered any questions you may have had about the benefits of a temporal artery thermometer. If not, feel free to reach out in the comments below.

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