9 Best T-Mobile Slider Phones For You

by John Sanderson
T-Mobile Slider Phones

T-Mobile’s best slider phones are the best way to stay connected while on the go. These best T-Mobile sliders have a variety of features for you to choose from, so find the best one that suits your needs and budget!

Are you searching for a T-Mobile Slider Phone within a short time, then the table is for you:

Alcatel Sparq II 875 T-Mobile Branded Cell Phone w/Slide-out QWERTY Keyboard - Black (No Warranty)
Pantech Swift P6020 Unlocked GSM Slider Cell Phone - Purple
LG Xpression C395 Qwerty Keyboard Slider Cellphone GSM Unlocked - Red
Alcatel Sparq II 875 T-Mobile Branded Cell Phone w/Slide-out QWERTY Keyboard - Black (No Warranty)
Pantech Swift P6020 Unlocked GSM Slider Cell Phone - Purple
LG Xpression C395 Qwerty Keyboard Slider Cellphone GSM Unlocked - Red
Alcatel Sparq II 875 T-Mobile Branded Cell Phone w/Slide-out QWERTY Keyboard - Black (No Warranty)
Alcatel Sparq II 875 T-Mobile Branded Cell Phone w/Slide-out QWERTY Keyboard - Black (No Warranty)
Pantech Swift P6020 Unlocked GSM Slider Cell Phone - Purple
Pantech Swift P6020 Unlocked GSM Slider Cell Phone - Purple
LG Xpression C395 Qwerty Keyboard Slider Cellphone GSM Unlocked - Red
LG Xpression C395 Qwerty Keyboard Slider Cellphone GSM Unlocked - Red

9 Best T-Mobile Slider Phone Available In The Market


The Alcatel Sparq II 875 is a Slider Phone phone with a slide-out QWERTY keyboard. It has a 2.5-inch display, 3G network capabilities, and 32 GB of memory for storing music, videos, and pictures. The Sparq II 875 uses Bluetooth to connect wirelessly to headsets or other devices. It also includes GPS navigation software that can help you find your way around unfamiliar areas. This device has a 5-megapixel camera with video capability so you can take photos of family members or record important events for posterity.


The Pantech Swift P6020 Unlocked GSM Slider Cell Phone is a great all-around phone that comes with the quality and durability of a Pantech. This touch screen cell phone has it all, including a 2.8″ touchscreen display, fully functional touch screen and curved slide-out keyboard, 2MP camera, and video recording capabilities, three customizable home screens, full HTML browser, mp3 player with FM radio capability for listening to your favorite stations on the go. The Pantech Swift P6020 also comes unlocked so that you can use any SIM card from any carrier.


The LG Xpression C395 Qwerty Keyboard Slider Cellphone is an excellent device to have if you are looking for the perfect messaging machine. The device has a 3″ color display and only weighs (4.59 ounces). The battery size is 1000mAh, which is a Usage time frame that means 3.5 solid hours of Talk-time; it has a Standby time of up to 340 hours. It also comes with an Internal storage of 256MB (63MB available to the user) and External storage Until 32GB


The Blackberry Torch 9810 is the next generation of the popular BlackBerry Bold. It features a 3.2-inch touch screen display with a resolution of 480 x 800 pixels. It has an 8-megapixel camera with autofocus and LED flash, .apturing 720p HD video at 30 frames per second. The phone also comes with GPS, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth connectivity options and supports microSD memory cards up to 32GB for storing media files like music and videos. The device runs on the latest operating system from RIM called BlackBerry OS 7


The Priv is the world’s first smartphone with a hardware-based privacy screen. This means that you can choose when to block your information from being accessed by others, keeping sensitive information private. The Priv also features the latest Android OS, Lollipop 5.1, and is available with 32GB of internal storage space and 2GB RAM for fast performance. The phone has an 18MP Schneider-Kreuznach certified camera that allows you to capture stunning photos in any lighting conditions


The LG Xpression C410 is a Slider Cellphone that was released on the market in 2010. This device has a 3″ color display and only weighs 4.59 ounces, so it is very lightweight. It also has a 230Mhz Single-Core Qualcomm QSC6270E CPU processor With Internal storage of 256MB (63MB available to user) and External storage Until 32GB, as well as a 1000mAh battery with up to 3.5 hours of talk time and up to 340 hours of standby


The Pantech Renue Qwerty Slider Keyboard phone is a great phone for those who are looking for an affordable, high-quality smartphone. The Pantech Renee has the capability to be used on any GSM network worldwide so that you can use it anywhere. It also supports quad-band frequency 850/900/1800/1900 MHz and tri-band frequency 850/1700/1900 MHz. This makes it perfect for international travel as well as domestic travel


This is a GSM unlocked cell phone, and it can be used with AT&T or T-Mobile service. It has a 2 MP camera that takes great pictures, the screen is very clear and bright, and it has an easy-to-use keypad. The GPS works well, and there are many preloaded apps such as Facebook, Youtube, Google maps, etc. It comes with a headset for hands-free calling


The Samsung Gravity TXT is a simple and easy-to-use cell phone. It has a sleek design that fits comfortably in your hand. The T-Mobile Gravity TXT is compatible with the GSM network, and it comes with a full QWERTY keyboard for fast and accurate typing. It features text, picture, video messaging as well as MMS capabilities. You can store up to 1,000 contacts on the Gravity TXT phone. Its 2-megapixel camera lets you capture important moments of your life by taking pictures or videos of them. This cell phone also supports Bluetooth for connectivity.

5 things To Consider Before Buying The Best T-Mobile Slider Phone

1. If the keyboard is essential to your style of communication then there really isn’t any better choice than a slider phone. When compared with touch screens, keyboards sliders have smaller keypads but have the advantage of being separate from the main body of the device so that you can type in comfort in any position.

2. Slider phones are definitely more durable than touch screen phones. Because the design is enhanced to preserve durability, they tend to have stronger materials used in their construction, can be water-resistant, and some models even have an extra protective exterior cover sporting a pleasingly tactile soft-touch finish.

3. If you’re expecting your next phone to have additional features like high quality still/video camera with flash, good web access, or an MP3 player, then sliders may not be for you because most modern sliders are just standard messaging devices that look nice but don’t offer anything really special beyond their sleek esthetics. Generally speaking, there’s nothing wrong with having a slider handset as your phone if this is all you need it for.

4. Slider phones tend to be very user-friendly and come with a lot of easy options; however, if you’re looking for something more advanced, then sliding out thousands of menu options might not be the best option. However, most slider users will tell you that once you get used to how your phone works, you realize that it’s pretty simple and intuitive.

5. The price range is generally in-between touch screen and non-slider phones but can go even higher than mid-range touch screens depending on what type of slider phone you buy (standard feature or high end). Some basic models can cost as little as $10 or less on pre-paid service with monthly plans at $20/mo., while mid-range touch screen or slider models can cost anywhere from $50 to several hundred. Up-market sliders with flashy features will cost hundreds more, sometimes over a thousand, for the newest devices with special designs and built-in MP3 players.

Why Do You Need A T-Mobile Slider Phone?

1. Protects display screen

When you slide your phone shut, you save the display screen from damage due to accidental falls or bumps by protecting it within an enclosed area that is thick enough to withstand such mishaps. Since this protects your display screen without having to use any form of protection whatsoever, there’s no extra cost involved other than the price of your slider phone. Also, if you want to sell your phone in the future, there’s no risk that buyers will be put off by a smashed display screen.

2. Resists wear and tear

Another benefit of the slider mechanism is that it resists wear and tear much more effectively than regular mobile phones. As long as you slide, it shut when not in use; your phone would look new for years without any scratches on its exterior from keys or coins inside bags or pockets. This brings down costs because you’d have to invest less into buying cases and covers that protect the external appearance of a regular non-slider phone from getting damaged.

3. Best pleasing design

The most apparent benefit of slider phones is that they are aesthetically pleasing, especially if you choose a model with an elegant exterior finish. Whether your slider phone has four sleek metal panels or two leathery ones, it will look good in the eyes of others every time you make a call or use it for texting and e-mails. As long as the mechanism works properly, there’s no disadvantage to owning a slider phone.


We hope you found this list of the 9 best T-Mobile slider phones for you helpful. If there’s a specific phone that we missed and should be on the list, please let us know in the comments below!

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