Top 8 Best Ps4 Mod Controllers

by John Sanderson

If you are in the market for the best ps4 mod controllers, then this is a blog post that you need to read. We have compiled a list of the 8 best ps4 mod controllers and will discuss what they have to offer so that you can make your decision on which one best suits your needs.

Here’s The Shortlist To Save Your Time:

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8 Best Ps4 Mod Controller Available In The Market


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The PS4 Rapid Fire Controller is the fastest rapid-fire controller for all games. It allows you to customize your rapid-fire settings so that it is exactly how you want it. We have upgraded our design with custom stealth buttons and a color-changing Chameleon shell to give this controller a unique look that can’t be found anywhere else.


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The PS4 Controller Paddles is an upgrade accessory for the PS4 gamepad, which can extend the life of your PS4 controller. It has a Turbo function, Clear Cache and Memory Programming Function, Wireless Design. The handle should also have programming and memory programming functions when it is inserted into the paddle.


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The handle is a wireless controller accessory, it is the first wireless design for PS4 and PS3 controllers, which can be used as a replacement of the original handle or used together with your existing handle. It has a Turbo function: Press the M1or M2 and Turbo at the same time, the function key has Turbo continuous launch function. Repeat this step to cancel.


The extreme rate Soft Touch Black Dawn Programable Remap Kit for PS4 is a professional remap kit that comes with 4 programmable back buttons and 15 programmable buttons. With this eSport elite controller, you can easily handle your game and execute the best strategies. A maximum of 15 buttons can be assigned to the back buttons, so you will never miss any action.


This is a set of buttons and joystick thumbsticks for PS4 controllers. This set includes: 2 x Metal Joystick Thumb Sticks, 4 x Metal ABXY Buttons, 1 x Metal D-pad Button, 1 x Metal L1 L2 Buttons, 1 x Metal R1 R2 Buttons, 2 pcs Spring and 1pcs Phillips Cross Screwdriver.


This is a programable back button mod kit for the PS4 controller. It’s the same as the one in our extreme rate Carbon Fiber Dawn Programable Remap Kit, but without the material for an installation. You can get it by soldering 8 wires to your controller PCB board, or you can use our remote control module (Dawn-30) to simplify things.


Turn your existing controller for PS4 into a professional expert elite controller with this programable remap kit from ExtremeRate. The DAWN Remap Kit is designed to add 4 ergonomic programable back buttons to the existing PS4 controller, allowing you to create a maximum 15 button layout for any game that you play.


Hex Gaming Edge Pro is the high-end eSports controller for PS4, which you can use to play games on your PS5. The HexGaming Edge Pro has 6 in 1 interchangeable thumbstick, 3 different heights, 2 different ergonomic thumb grip designs, domed or concave. You can operate the controller flexibly and capture targets in-game more quickly!

5 Things You Must Know While Choosing The Best Ps4 Mod Controller

1. Design should be made for Modding

PS4 mods are a great way to add customizations and extensions to your PS4 controller. Whether it is a custom paint job or a new joystick cover that matches your car’s color scheme or just something that looks cool, you can have it all with PS4 modded controllers. However, the design of the PS4 mod controller needs to be appealing in order for modders to take interest in them and also to not affect the functionality of other parts if they are removable from the controller body. The best possible way would be using 3D printing technology where a 3D filament printing machine prints various plastic objects.

2. Mods should be removable

One of the great things about PS4 mods is that they are usually easily removable, especially if they are accessories like d-pads or joystick covers, which can be taken off and put back on whenever needed. This is important for those who want to keep their controller looking clean but also let other people use it without having to worry about modded parts. Also, you would want to be able to change your modded parts with other modded parts depending on what you feel like doing that day. The problem with fixed mods is that once installed, they cannot be removed unless you break them apart first, then install new parts after that. You could always buy multiple sets of controllers so that you can have a different set for daily use.

3. Mod should be upgradable

Another good thing about ps4 mod controller is that you don’t really have to buy a new one if certain parts of it stop functioning or break down. You can simply install upgrades, which are designed in a way so that the user can easily upgrade them themselves without having to rely on professional modding services. This again reduces overall cost since you would only need to buy one main body and then just use its own accessories later on when they are broken or worn out. Upgrades may also include more powerful components that were originally built into the main controller’s circuit board but cannot be used until now because they lack electrical power or battery life. Having those components work with your controller would allow for stronger performance and higher voltage levels per second, which in turn is very important when playing certain games that require a lot of joystick movement or button mashing to create fast movements during battle scenes.

4. Mods should be intended for both beginners and advanced users

Mods are highly technical gadgets that often need a lot of skill to install them properly on the main circuit board of your controller. Some mods even require cutting off all components from the original PCB(printed circuit board) in order to make room for new parts or add ons, which means you will have to solder wires together at some point during the installation process. This is where it becomes quite difficult for casual players who do not know much about how these work within the PS4 system. On the other hand, there are also easier ways to add mods without having to take apart your controller and do things like using adhesive tape instead of painstakingly soldering wires together and attaching them to the main circuit board. Although this may not be as good and long-lasting as doing it properly with solder, it still allows for a simple upgrade that can still give you additional features that you might want to be added onto your controller later on when you get better at handling more difficult tasks in the modding process.

5. Mods should be compatible with all official controllers

Not everyone has a special edition console or extra accessories lying around their house naturally so naturally, they would have to buy themselves an extra controller if they want something different from what comes out of the box. For this reason, ps4 mod controller should have all its parts being compatible with an original official controller that comes out of the box with your PS4 console. This would allow you to switch back and forth between using your normal official controller when needed without having to spend more money on buying another controller just so you can have something better than what came out of the box originally.

Why Do You Need Ps4 Mod Controller

1. Customization

Probably the biggest advantage is being able to customize your controller as per your preference. Customized controllers are now available even for Sony’s official Dual Shock 4 so that gamers can use it according to their likings, but this is not possible on every platform, especially when it comes to PC or Xbox One (due to restrictions put by Microsoft). However, customizing your PS4 Modded Controller gives you far more options and lets you make it feel exactly the way you want it to.

2. Added Features

Controllers can be modded on many levels, ranging from physical customization to firmware modification. This allows adding new features to your controller that are not normally available for you to use or enabling new controller options that were otherwise unavailable for some reason or the other.

3. Flexibility

Modding is an extremely flexible process and allows you to do a lot of things with your controller, including installing custom firmware, programming macros, and even backing up and restoring your saved profiles in case something goes wrong (which is unlikely) or you decide that another configuration would suit you better.

To Wrap Up

We hope you enjoyed our list of the top 8 best Ps4 Mod Controllers. If you’re still undecided and want to know what we think, feel free to leave a comment below!

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