10 Best Laser Tag For 4 Players

by John Sanderson

If you are looking for the best laser tag 4 players, this article is perfect for you! We have found the best laser tag games that allow four players to play at once. Not only are they great for groups of friends or family members who want to spend time together, but they are also great for co-workers who need a teambuilding activity. Check out our reviews below and choose which one best suits your needs!

Are you in a hurry and looking for a few Laser Tag for 4 Players highlighted? Well, here are the top 3 Laser Tag for you:

Laser X Revolution 4 Players Set
Laser X - Four Player Laser Gaming Set
Squad Hero Rechargeable Laser Tag 360° Sensors + LCDs, 4 Set - Gift Ideas for Kids Teens and Adults Boys & Girls Family Fun - Cool Teenage Christmas Group Activity - Teen Gifts Ages 8+ Year Old Boy
Laser X Revolution 4 Players Set
Laser X - Four Player Laser Gaming Set
Squad Hero Rechargeable Laser Tag 360° Sensors + LCDs, 4 Set - Gift Ideas for Kids Teens and Adults Boys & Girls Family Fun - Cool Teenage Christmas Group Activity - Teen Gifts Ages 8+ Year Old Boy
Laser X Revolution 4 Players Set
Laser X Revolution 4 Players Set
Laser X - Four Player Laser Gaming Set
Laser X - Four Player Laser Gaming Set
Squad Hero Rechargeable Laser Tag 360° Sensors + LCDs, 4 Set - Gift Ideas for Kids Teens and Adults Boys & Girls Family Fun - Cool Teenage Christmas Group Activity - Teen Gifts Ages 8+ Year Old Boy
Squad Hero Rechargeable Laser Tag 360° Sensors + LCDs, 4 Set - Gift Ideas for Kids Teens and Adults Boys & Girls Family Fun - Cool Teenage Christmas Group Activity - Teen Gifts Ages 8+ Year Old Boy

Top 10 Best Laser Tag Reviewed


The Laser X Revolution is a high-tech laser tag system that lets you play in the comfort of your own home! This revolutionary indoor gaming system comes with everything you need to get started, including 2 vests and 2 rifles. The vest features a built-in speaker and microphone so you can communicate with your team members while playing.


Laser X is a real-life laser gaming experience that Includes: 4 Laser X Blasters and 4 vest receivers. Requires 12 AAA batteries (Duracell included). 200’ range. Play as teams or as individuals. Full-color lighting effects let you keep track of shots and Hits. Works inside or outside, day or night. Compatible with all other laser x sets, it does not use a real laser, and the infrared beam is not visible.


Lock ’n load for a fight for domination! Strap on your vest, grab a gun, check your ammo, and transform your backyard or basement into a battle zone for an ultra-hi-tech laser tag war. Run, hide, roll, take aim, and eliminate your enemies to win the game! The most innovative laser tag set includes 4 guns with multiple firing modes.


Laser X Sports Blasters are the new, real-life laser gaming experience. Laser X Blasters use a patented infrared beam to project a virtual battlefield on any surface. Battle with your friends or play solo and blast up to 200 feet away! This 2-player game equips two players for hours of fun and entertainment indoors or outdoors.


Get ready to play the best laser tag game with your friends and family! Kirpal Laser Tag Blaster Set is an easy-to-use, safe, fun game that you can play inside or outside. Enjoy hours of fun battle games with your family or friends! It’s a great way to get rid of boredom and have a blast while playing laser tag.


MESIXI Laser Tag Battle Game is a real-life laser tag game that allows 4 players to play against each other. This amazing laser tag toy includes 4 guns and 10 invisible infrared targets (2 in each corner of the room). The gun has an adjustable sight, battery indicator, and power switch. When you point your gun at the target, it will beep if it is within range. You can easily hide behind furniture or around corners without giving away your position because the beam of light stays on for only a few seconds after pointing it at a target.


ArmoGear’s Laser Tag Set is the perfect gift idea for kids and adults! This durable, high-quality laser tag set features a full-body vest with adjustable straps to fit most sizes. The vests feature tactile vibrations that simulate real gunshots and lifelike shooting sounds for an immersive experience. Play against friends and family on any indoor or outdoor surface, such as grass, asphalt, wood floors, and more!


Laser X Micro B Blasters are the smallest Laser X products ever! These blasters are worn on your hand and can be used with or without a vest. They have two beams that fire at the same time for double the fun. The Micro B Blasters can hit opponents up to 100 feet away. Each blaster has built-in receivers, so you do not need vests to play.


Laser X is a laser tag system that will give you an incredible gaming experience. It uses infrared technology to track hits and scores, so your battles never have to end! The Laser X two-player set includes two vests, two guns, and a lanyard for each vest. One player wears the blue vest, and one wears the red vest. The guns shoot infrared beams that are picked up by the receivers in each vest.


The Laser X Single Player Gaming Set is the perfect way to start playing Laser X. This set includes a Receiver Vest and two Targets so you can play against yourself or friends. The Receiver Vest has full-color lighting effects that let you keep track of shots and hits, as well as an interactive voice coach, gives tips feedback during the game. Plugin headphones and hear the Laser X Soundtrack and Sound Effects – all designed to make your gaming experience more exciting than ever! Compatible with other Laser X sets, this set makes a great gift for any laser tag fan.

5 Things To Consider Before Buying The Best Laser Tag for 4 Players

The most important thing to consider before buying any type of laser tag equipment is whether or not anyone else in your area even plays the sport. There are hundreds of different kinds of lasers on the market, so it’s unlikely that everyone has access to the same equipment. If you want to play with friends, try purchasing an extra unit now so that you can play together in your home.

The second thing to consider is how much room you have available for your arena. Some lasers are very bulky and big, so they might not fit in smaller areas or people’s homes. Smaller arenas work just as well because they’re usually cheaper than bulky ones anyway, but it might take some time before everyone figures out what size works best for them.

After figuring out the space issue, the third thing to think about is money. The price of lasers varies widely depending on their size and technology. You don’t need an expensive one if playing with friends at home, but if you’re planning on hosting an event or playing professionally, then a more high-tech laser may be best for you.

The fourth thing to consider is your budget. There is no price range for laser tag equipment because each arena costs as much as the person buying it wants to spend. If you can afford a professional-quality one with all of the latest technology, then go ahead and buy it now. However, most people start small, so they don’t waste too much money if they decide not to play again later.

The last thing to think about before buying any laser tag system is how long you plan on playing this sport. You might want to purchase a cheaper set that will only last a few months or a year, especially if you’re playing with friends. Buying the best lasers isn’t necessary because they don’t increase your skills, and it’s not worth wasting all of that money on something you’ll only end up selling later.

Why Do You Need Laser Tag for 4 Players?

Laser Tag brings people together in a way that other games cannot. With everyone looking toward one common goal, Laser Tag unites friends and families in the act of healthy competition.

Playing Laser Tag has many benefits for children, including physical activity, better hand-eye coordination, improved focus, and coordination. It also shows children how to be active participants in their community by putting teamwork into practice.

Laser Tag is not only fun, but it can teach players valuable lessons about life; like how to deal with defeat (it happens!), how to work well with different types of personalities (such as introverts versus extroverts), and it provides lessons on leadership styles that may help veterans adjust better when they return home from service. Out of all these benefits, Laser Tag provides social learning, which helps with the development of children.

Final word

So there you have it, the 10 best laser tags for 4 players! Whether your group is three or four people, one of these will be perfect. The world has enough destruction without having to unleash more on each other in a game that was made purely with fun in mind. Who knows? Maybe these games could even help usher us into an era where wars are fought digitally instead of physically. What do you think? Do any of these sounds like they would suit your needs and preferences? If so, head over to our comment section.

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