Top 8 Best HP Envy Printers

by John Sanderson

Finding the best HP envy printer for your needs can be a daunting task. There are so many printers to choose from, and they all have different features that will best suit you. To help you narrow down your search, we’ve put together this list of our 10 best HP envy printers on the market today. This way, you’ll know what to look for when shopping around!

Here’s the shortlist to save your time:

HP ENVY Photo 7858 All-in-One Inkjet Photo Printer with Mobile Printing K7S08A (Renewed)
HP Envy 6052 Wireless All-in-One Color Inkjet Printer
HP Sprocket Studio Photo Printer – Personalize & Print, Water- Resistant 4x6" Pictures (3MP72A)
HP ENVY Photo 7858 All-in-One Inkjet Photo Printer with Mobile Printing K7S08A (Renewed)
HP Envy 6052 Wireless All-in-One Color Inkjet Printer
HP Sprocket Studio Photo Printer – Personalize & Print, Water- Resistant 4x6" Pictures (3MP72A)
HP ENVY Photo 7858 All-in-One Inkjet Photo Printer with Mobile Printing K7S08A (Renewed)
HP ENVY Photo 7858 All-in-One Inkjet Photo Printer with Mobile Printing K7S08A (Renewed)
HP Envy 6052 Wireless All-in-One Color Inkjet Printer
HP Envy 6052 Wireless All-in-One Color Inkjet Printer
HP Sprocket Studio Photo Printer – Personalize & Print, Water- Resistant 4x6" Pictures (3MP72A)
HP Sprocket Studio Photo Printer – Personalize & Print, Water- Resistant 4x6" Pictures (3MP72A)

Top 8 Best HP Envy Printers Reviewed


The HP ENVY Photo 7858 All-in-One Inkjet Photo Printer is a great choice for those looking to print photos from their smartphones or tablets. The printer features an 8.0″ diagonal touchscreen display, which allows users to easily edit and share photos on the go. This printer also supports Apple AirPrint, Google Cloud Print, and Mopria wireless printing capabilities.


HP ENVY 6052 Wireless All-in-One Color Inkjet Printer HP 67 Setup Instant Ink Ready Black Cartridge HP 67 Setup Instant Ink Ready Tri-color Cartridge Setup Guide Reference Guide Regulatory Flyer Power Cord

The HP ENVY 6052 all-in-one printer is a versatile device that allows you to print, scan and copy, and it also has an automatic document feeder for scanning multiple pages at once. The ENVY 6052 wireless all-in-one color inkjet printer can be connected wirelessly or with a USB cable.


HP Sprocket – Print, Personalize & Share Your Photos. The HP Sprocket Studio is a compact printer that prints high-quality 4×6″ photos directly from your smartphone or tablet. It’s easy to use and features built-in templates for photo albums, cards, collages, and more—even turn your doodles into stickers—print from various sources, including the free HP Sprocket app for Android™ and iOS® devices. The HP Sprocket Studio is perfect for printing on the go!


This HP ENVY 6055e All-in-One Wireless Color Printer is an excellent choice for your home or small office. Print documents, borderless photos, and homework in color with ease. The optional HP+ system enables your printer to think ahead, so it’s more secure, more productive, and ready when you are.


This printer is an excellent value for the price. It prints high-quality photos and documents, but you need to use HP ink cartridges which can be expensive. The paper tray is small, and it’s not easy to load and unload paper.


The HP ENVY 6075 All-in-One Printer offers a sleek, compact design that fits seamlessly into your home. It has everything families need for everyday printing, scanning, and copying tasks—and it’s easy to set up and use. Plus, save time and paper with automatic two-sided printing and an intuitive control panel.


The HP ENVY 6055 Wireless All-in-One Printer lets you print, scan, and copy with ease from a home printer that uses 20% recycled plastic. Get your first 2 months free when you enroll in the optional HP Instant Ink service during setup.


Easily print from your smartphone or tablet with HP ePrint; scan to email, network folder, or cloud service; and copy documents in black and white. This all-in-one printer is designed for the home with automatic two-sided printing, borderless photos, and a hands-free 35-page automatic document feeder. Plus, print directly from your smartphone or tablet with the free HP Smart app.

5 Things To Consider Before Buying The Best HP Envy Printers

1. What can I use it for?

Before buying anything such as an HP Envy printer, it helps to know what you’re going for, especially your expectations and what you need it for. When buying a printer, here are the main types of users:

As this is an HP Envy guide at PrinterEnvyHQ, we will be focusing on Envy’s capabilities as photo printers and All-in-one (AiO) devices.

When printing photos with an HP device, certain aspects should be given special consideration, such as print quality and speed. As far as the latter goes, anything less than 30 seconds per 4″ x 6″ photo will do unless you’re not in a rush. For print quality, you may want to consider picking up an Envy with a dedicated black ink cartridge as it boosts dark areas and shadows.

2. How much do I have to spend?

Each HP Envy printer model carries a different price tag because of its features and functions. While this may be pretty obvious, you should know the best value for money according to your needs. Also, don’t just assume that high-priced printers are better suited for demanding users since there are plenty of affordable ones with decent specs out there.

3. Which brands offer printers with similar capabilities?

To narrow down your choices further, we will compare the HP Envy series against other printer manufacturers’ models, such as Canon and Epson. This should help you see why the Envy series exists, and it is strong/weak points compared to others.

In terms of comparison, Canon’s PIXMA Pro9500 Mark II is billed as a printing monster with an 18″ color touchscreen display and support for next-generation 4K Ultra HD photo prints. However, the downside is that it can’t print borderless photos at a size larger than 8″ x 10″. On the other hand, the Pixma Pro-10S from Epson doesn’t have a touchscreen but comes with two paper drawers – one for plain papers and another for glossy ones – along with patented MicroPiezo inkjet technology which promises vibrant colors and sharp images.

4. What type of printing paper should I use?

Using the right printing paper is essential for achieving photo-quality prints. While there are various types on the market, all you need to know is that some are better suited for matte, bright or glossy finishes.

5. Do I need extra features like scanning capabilities?

Finally, it’s worth noting that not all HP Envy printers come with faxing, scanning, and copier functions. So if this is something you’re looking for, be sure to pay attention to each model’s specifications before buying one.

3 Benefits Of HP Envy Printers

1. Durability

HP Envy printers are durable and long-lasting. A small business owner once shared her experience about owning an HP Envy printer – she said that this particular model has been in constant use for five years, making thousands upon thousands of copies, yet still printing like new without any jams or other problems – and that’s saying a lot because during those five years she had moved her office four times! She had never experienced such durability before and was amazed that her HP Envy printer was still going strong after five years.

2. Wireless Printing & Scanning

These days many people like to print and scan wirelessly. Luckily, the HP Envy printers are designed for this use because they offer wireless printing and scanning capabilities. Furthermore, these printers enable users to share them with other devices easily. This is especially useful when you send documents or photos to friends or family who don’t have their computers but would like to receive them by email or social media sites. You can simply use your HP printer as a wireless device to send the files directly from your machine; no need for an extra tower or laptop!

3. Easily Upgrade

Not only are HP Envy printers long-lasting, but they are also easily upgradeable. These printers can be upgraded to fit your business printing needs. The memory of these printers is upgradeable up to 16 GB which means that you will never encounter printing problems due to insufficient memory or lack of space. Whether you print black and white documents all day or use color for presentations, this printer offers enough capacity to handle even the heaviest workloads. All in all, if you’re looking for a durable, wireless printer that is easily upgradeable – then the HP Envy printer might just be the perfect one for you!

Final word

If you’re looking for a superb printer to meet your needs, the 8 HP Envy Printers we reviewed should have something that will work well with your lifestyle. The question is, which one? Which of these printers do you like the best and why? We hope this blog post helped make an informed decision on what type of printer would be perfect for you!

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