8 Best Glucose Meter with Cheapest Strips

by John Sanderson

Do you have diabetes? If so, then you’re likely always on the lookout for the best glucose meter with the cheapest strips. It’s common knowledge that these two things don’t go hand in hand very often! We’ll take a look at some of the best options on the market to help you decide which one is best for your needs.

Here’s the shortlist to save your time:

CONTOUR NEXT Blood Glucose Test Strips, 70 Count
AgaMatrix Presto Test Strips, 100 Count (Pack of 1)
CONTOUR NEXT Blood Glucose Test Strips, 70 Count
AgaMatrix Presto Test Strips, 100 Count (Pack of 1)
CONTOUR NEXT Blood Glucose Test Strips, 70 Count
CONTOUR NEXT Blood Glucose Test Strips, 70 Count
AgaMatrix Presto Test Strips, 100 Count (Pack of 1)
AgaMatrix Presto Test Strips, 100 Count (Pack of 1)

Top 8 Best Glucose Meter with Cheapest Strips Reviewed


The CONTOUR NEXT Blood Glucose Test Strips are the only test strips compatible with any CONTOUR NEXT blood glucose meters. Their accuracy is backed by an extensive clinical trial that showed they performed better than other leading brands. (1,2) The next generation of test strip technology offers more benefits to people with diabetes: no coding required, fast results in seconds, and second-chance sampling. These advanced features make it easier for you to monitor your blood glucose levels at home and help prevent wasting test strips and save money.


AgaMatrix Presto Test Strips are designed to work with the AgaMatrix Presto and AgaMatrix Presto Pro Blood Glucose Meters. The test strips feature dynamic electrochemistry that is proven clinically accurate. Each strip is packaged in a 100 count box.
The AgaMatrix Diabetes Manager application is available on the App Store and Google Play for use with your smartphone or tablet. Manually enter your glucose, insulin, carbs, and weight data to track and view trends. Share data via email report with your healthcare providers.


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Use with Freestyle Lite blood glucose meter (sold separately) for fast, easy, and accurate results. Tiny sample size – only 0.3 µL means less pain, fewer pinpricks, and more convenience. Patented ZipWik tabs make the application quick and easy. Up to 60 seconds to re-apply blood means FEWER wasted test strips. No coding means one more minor step. 100% satisfaction guaranteed or your money back!


TRUE METRIX® Test Strips are the only test strips that feature Triple Sense Technology. TRUE METRIX test strips automatically adjust to your blood glucose level, resulting in an accurate reading every time.


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CONTOUR NEXT Blood Glucose Test Strips are the only test strips on the market to offer a second-chance sampling feature(4), allowing you to apply more blood to a test strip being used, which may help prevent wasting test strips and save money. CONTOUR NEXT Blood Glucose Test Strips use an innovative coding technology that eliminates errors due to user miscoding and provides fast, highly accurate results in seconds with one more minor step in testing.


With Contour Next, you can get a quick and accurate blood glucose level reading in just five seconds. The test strip is easy to use and requires only a tiny amount of blood. It also features intelligent Triple Sense Technology that automatically alerts you when your test is complete.


The Care Touch Diabetes Testing Kit is a blood glucose meter manufactured by Care Touch. It is a compact, portable device that provides fast results in as little as 5 seconds. The kit includes 100 test strips and lancets with an easy-to-read display.

Care Touch Blood Glucose Test Strips (100 Count) for Use with Care Touch Monitor are designed to work with the Care Touch monitor. They are accurate, reliable, and have an extended expiration date.

5 Things To Consider Before Buying The Best Glucose Meter With Cheapest Strips

1. Test Strip Cost:

Do not fall for offers that claim ‘unbelievable’ low-cost test strips. These may be cheap initially but will burn holes in your pocket because you’ll have to use them more often due to inaccuracy.

2. Meter Size:

Before buying a meter, check for its size and weight because carrying around bulky devices can prove cumbersome at times. Moreover, kids might find it difficult if they’re too, or beginners may not want something too complicated to operate.

3. Meter Accuracy:

It’s essential to make sure a glucose meter is reliable and consistent when giving accurate results. For example, many affordable meters cannot provide blood smears for calibrating value, so you’ll have to use a control solution. The sensors in such meters may take measurements from alternative sites making them more invasive. The problem with regular testing is that it fails to detect hypoglycemic episodes within hours of their occurrence instead of days. The patient often ends up in intensive care units or passes away due to a coma.

4. Software Compatibility:

Make sure your glucose meter offers data management software on a CD so you can maintain a record of all the tests done regularly. This will help you in keeping a tab on your symptoms and the treatments you’ve been given

5. Meter Warranty:

Some companies offer an extended warranty, so check if such an option is available. These meters are costly to buy but entail a lot of risks for manufacturers. If they’re confident about their products, they’ll offer a reasonable warranty period.

3 Advantages Of Glucose Meter with Cheapest Strips

1. Cheaper than alternate options

Tests are cheaper than more complex lab tests that would be required to diagnose diabetes. Also, the costs of prescription medications and doctor visits will decrease.

2. Easy to use

Simple instructions on how to test for glucose levels are included in the packaging of the blood glucose meter. It is easy for anyone to understand and use the blood glucose meter.

3. Reusable

Blood glucose meters can be used multiple times, even after a test strip has been used. This is because the meter will only display an error message if there has been a problem with the test strip itself.

To Wrap Up

Now that you’ve explored the best glucose meters with the cheapest strips, it’s time to decide which one is right for your needs. To help make this decision easier, we would like to know what type of meter and brand name you prefer. Let us know in the comments below!

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