8 Best Firestick Remote Replacements

by John Sanderson

The best firestick remote replacements are the ones that come with a voice assistant. The best remote for your Fire Stick is one that will give you access to everything in your library with just a few button presses, and also includes voice commands so you don’t have to use any of the buttons at all!

Are You In A Hurry And Looking For A Few Firestick Remote Replacements Highlighted? Well Here Are The Top 3 Firestick Remote Replacements For You:

ALLIMITY New CV98LM Replacement Remote Control Compatible with Amazon Fire TV Stick and Amazon Fire TV Box Without Voice Function
ALLIMITY New CV98LM Replacement Remote Control Compatible with Amazon Fire TV Stick and Amazon Fire TV Box Without Voice Function
ALLIMITY New CV98LM Replacement Remote Control Compatible with Amazon Fire TV Stick and Amazon Fire TV Box Without Voice Function
ALLIMITY New CV98LM Replacement Remote Control Compatible with Amazon Fire TV Stick and Amazon Fire TV Box Without Voice Function

8 Best Firestick Remote Replacements Reviewed


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This is a replacement remote for Fire TV Stick, Fire TV Stick 4K, Fire TV Stick Lite, and Fire TV (3rd Gen, Pendant Design). It can be used to replace your lost remote or back up the original one. We want you to know that this remote is without Alexa Voice. This is a Bluetooth remote control, for the first time pairing, it is recommended that you use the new battery.


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This is a replacement remote control for Amazon Fire TV Stick. It can be used to replace the broken or lost remote. If you have already paired your Alexa Voice Remote with your Fire TV, this remote will not work with Alexa voice commands. This remote does not have a voice function. But it has all the other features of the Alexa Voice Remote, including power, volume up/down, home button, and mute button. It also has an IR blaster that allows you to use your television’s power and volume buttons as if they were part of your Fire TV remotes design.


New CV98LM Replacement Remote Control Compatible with Amazon Fire TV Stick & Amazon Fire TV Box. This remote does not have MIC, does not support Voice Operated. The Remote Control Can Work with Below Knowing Models: Amazon Fire TV Stick and Fire TV BoxKindly please read the description/user manual carefully before you use this remote control.


Your TV remote control is not only used to turn on your TV but also can be used to control other devices. But it may fail due to the damage of the buttons or the battery leakage. If you are looking for a replacement remote control, our Fire Stick Remote Control Replacement will be your best choice. It is compatible with Fire TV Stick 4K, Fire TV Stick Lite, and Fire TV Cube. With this remote controller, you can easily search programs by using QWERTY Keyboard and number buttons.


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The remote is a replacement for the original remote control, it will work on your device as well as the original one. It has a voice search function, you can use it to find your favorite programs and movies quickly. With this new updated programmable IR remote control, you can also use it with other devices like air conditioners or projectors,s, etc.


This is a voice remote control, you need to pair it first before you use it, and below are pairing steps: Press the Home button for about 8-30 seconds until the LED starts to rapidly flash amber, then the remote should automatically pair with your device.
With standard navigation and playback controls, you can quickly skip to your favorite scenes.


This remote control is a replacement for the original one included with your Amazon Fire TV device. It can be used to replace a lost or damaged remote, or as an additional remote so you can easily control your home entertainment system. The replacement remote has all of the same functionality as the original, including voice search and pairing with Bluetooth-enabled devices such as headphones. This product does not include an IR extender cable, so if you need this feature, please contact us before ordering.


We sold is Replacement IR remote, no voice function, no program needed, only put into the brand new battery will work well. With Prime Video, Netflix, HBO, and Hulu buttons, instantly access your favorite apps.

5 Things To Consider Before Buying The Best Firestick Remote Replacements

1. Check if there is a replacement available online

The best place to start looking for a new remote is the official Amazon website for Firestick remotes. Amazon has excellent customer care service and the chances are you will find a replacement for your broken Remote here.

2. How Much Are Firestick Remotes?

The price of a brand new fire stick remote varies, depending on a number of factors such as availability and whether or not there are free shipping options. On average though, they cost from around £19 to £25 which is cheaper than some generic third-party alternatives that could end up causing damage to your device. Visit Amazon Now

3. Consider Buying A Cheap Firestick Alternative If You Are Not In A Rush

Buying cheap aftermarket fire stick remotes should be treated with caution as many don’t work properly at all. If you have the time to wait for a Firestick replacement then you should not cut corners.

4. Use An App Instead Of A Remote

Instead of buying a replacement remote control, why not download an app? Apps such as Kore and Yatse can be used in conjunction with your Amazon Fire Stick to power it on/off, launch apps, adjust volume, and perform other functions that are usually reserved for accessories. This is by far the best option if you find yourself continually reaching across the room to use your TV’s original fire stick remote. Visit Amazon Now

5. Take Care When Buying Unofficial Firestick Remotes Online

When looking for cheap aftermarket alternatives it is important to take precautions when buying online. You will almost certainly see some of these remotes advertised as ‘fully tested and working’ which is unlikely to be true. This does not mean that all unbranded firestick remotes are of bad quality though, just that you need to do your research before buying one.

Advantages Of Firestick Remote Replacements

1. The first benefit is that it can replace your lost or broken fire stick remote. The loss of an original remote could mean the loss of complete use of your fire stick, but after you get yourself a replacement remote, you can access everything again without any issues. This works because these remotes are exactly like the real thing and work great with all media functions.

2. Another benefit is that it allows you to have extra remotes for parties or other events where people may want to watch different TV shows together at! Having three or four or even more remotes allows for people to watch what they want without having to wait.

3. The final benefit is it can be used as a butter substitute for other brands of media center devices that are not compatible with the firestick. Having only one remote that works for your TV, streaming device, DVD player, etc can save you money on buying multiple devices and make your home entertainment easier to use overall.

The Bottom Line

As we mentioned before, there are many different options for remote replacements and it can be hard to know which one is best. Our team has reviewed the top 8 Firestick Remote Replacements and compared them side-by-side; we hope this article helps you make a decision about your new purchase. Which of these remotes do you like? Let us know in the comments below!

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