Best Educational Games Websites

by John Sanderson
Best Educational Games Websites

The internet is full of wondrous pipelines of knowledge and your child can greatly benefit from them. Each child has a different pace and way of learning and quite sometimes it gets difficult to use the same methodology for all children under one roof, as some might struggle and lag behind. A solution to that is online gaming where the child is virtually engaged in ‘playing the game’ and simultaneously the child is learning and gaining knowledge. These games are designed by experts for all subjects, be it art, math, history, language, etc., and allow the children to have fun whilst retaining the facts and figures in their memories. 

Games enable children to feel proud when they earn points, move on to different levels and win and if the child gets stuck, then he/she feels the urge to overcome the obstacle without feeling like he/she is not good enough. Moreover, if you look at stats from recently run experiments in the US, it has been concluded that games designed for educational purposes ignite skills such as creative thinking, problem-solving, and logical decision-making under pressure amongst the children. These gaming methods are helpful for children suffering from ADHD to whom normal learning methods prove to be challenging. The best part is that the games help children retain new and unfamiliar concepts.

We have comprised a list of the most popular and widely used educational websites that are trustworthy, have no troublesome advertisements, and are safeguarded so that your children can have the best learning experience without you having to monitor them. 

Before we move on with the article, it is important to mention that the following games require a high-speed internet connection to function properly. So, if your internet provider is troubling you, we highly suggest that you cancel your subscription and sign up for Spectrum internet as it offers commendable internet speed and promotional discounts. With that said, let us discuss the best websites for your children to play educational games.

Game On

This website is for young adults and high school children as well who want to get their basics firm before jumping onto new topics. Game On has popular games that children already have hands-on experience with, molded into educational games. This way the child knows what to do and is learning alongside doing that. From basic subjects such as math, science, and language to art subjects – Game On is a popular choice amongst many. Its interesting games such as “Algebra VS the Cockroaches” keep children amused and willing to learn.

Our rating: 9/10

Math Play

This is for all the students from 1st to 6th grade who despite Math as a subject because cannot grasp the concepts. Coming from a person who struggled with math herself, Math Play is vital for your child to experiment on even if they are good with numbers because the gameplay there makes math extremely interesting and easy to understand. The concepts are broken down for better comprehension and let the child move on step by step. The website might not offer much usability wise, but trust us! It is completely worth your and your child’s time!

Our rating: 10/10

Sheppard Software

This website is designed for children of all ages and even for young adults who have finished high school. The ease level can be set in the controls and switched from beginner to intermediate and expert in all categories for different ages. The website offers quizzes, lessons, and assignments for all subjects and even general knowledge. The games keep the children at the edge of their seats. Points are awarded and badges are unlocked as the child progresses. From animal articles to brain games, Sheppard Software truly exercises one’s cognitive abilities. 

Our rating: 10/10

Fun Brain 

This is a great gaming website for youngsters and even educational institutions have the website games installed on computers. The games are well designed, with remarkable visuals, and are focused on core subjects such as reading and math. We are pretty sure that many adults today have fond memories of playing Fun Games in the school lab and they would want the same for their children. 

Our rating: 8/10

Fact Monster 

Who doesn’t want their child to be a walking fact check? This website allows your child to learn facts about all things, be it their school subjects or the environment and other things that are going around in the world. The website offers other quizzes and games as well. Furthermore, it also acts as a homework assistant for students to help them in their courses by quoting facts and other tips and tricks, be it about solving a complex math question or about writing about a US president. 

Our rating: 8.5/10

National Geographic Kids 

Most of us grew up watching kiddy shows on Nat Geo for Kids. The children can do so much more on their official website! From interactive science clubs to geographical puzzles and adventure-based games, the Nat Geo Kids website has it all. Some of the games such as “The Underground Railroad: Journey to Freedom” are extremely well planned and executed. 

Our rating: 10/10

Wrapping Up

This article has listed some of the best websites for finding educational games. These games can help your child learn new skills and concepts in a fun and enjoyable way. Make sure to check out these websites for some great learning fun!

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