Are Hybrid Drives Worth It? Facts You Should Know About Hybrid Drives

by John Sanderson
Are Hybrid Drives Worth It

A hybrid drive combines the larger storage capacity of the HDD with the high read and writes speed of the SSD to form a more complex drive that can increase memory and enhance the performance of your computer system. Not all systems can handle hybrid drives; this is why they are installed on selected computer systems under strict regulations. You will need an expert technician to evaluate your system capacity and performance to access it for a hybrid drive.

Are Hybrid Drives Worth It?

The answer is yes and No! Hybrid drives are worth it if you don’t want to sacrifice a larger memory size for any other thing. Hybrid drives may not worth it if you are not a heavy data or file keeper. 

What Is A Hybrid Hard Drive?

A hybrid hard drive, also known as SSHD, is a storage hard drive that merges HDD with SSD, and for this reason, a hybrid hard drive, for the most part, is a hard disk drive or HDD. This means that it comes with a spinning disk alongside an actuator arm that writes files or data unto it. 

You can write data on the HDD or SDD within the hybrid drive; it depends on your data input habit. In the hybrid drive world, the data you don’t use frequently will be stored on the HDD, while the SDD stores the information you frequently use. 

Your hybrid drive will constantly ensure that data is continuously retrieved from different storage and automatically detect the ones you open the most. It will place the data you access more often on the SSD so you can read and write on them much faster. 

Hybrid drives don’t have lots of space; as a matter of fact, they may come with as little as 8GB of SSD storage. This space should be enough to store your most frequently accessed data, and most especially documents, applications, and web browsers.  The hybrid drive will automatically manage all data allocations within the storage media; hence you wouldn’t have to move data manually from one place to the other. 

What Are The Main Advantages Of Hybrid Drives?

With your Hybrid drive, you will store a substantial amount of data in the HDD part, while the SSD stores the most vital data you need to access almost all the time. 

Since the HDD is the most significant component of the hybrid drive, you can continue storing data and retrieving them whenever you want without expanding the memory size. This is undoubtedly an economical way of optimizing your storage on hybrid drives. 

Another advantage of the hybrid drive is that you can retrieve your most essential files with great speed from the SSD. The SSD may seem like a tiny storage compartment on the hybrid drive, and it is undoubtedly big enough to house your most accessed files for speedy usage. This storage compartment offers all the benefits of SSD storage. 

One other benefit you can expect from your hybrid drive is that any data stored on the SSD compartment is well-protected from drops. SSDs generally are built with relatively no moving parts; hence they can be safe from drops and other mechanical impacts that can lead to loss of files on an ordinary hard drive. 

What Are The Main Disadvantages Of The Hybrid Drive?

Perhaps the primary concern you should have about the hybrid drive is that the files or data stored in the HDD compartment are still vulnerable to damages from drops. This means you still have to handle your hybrid drive with great care to prevent the impact of any mechanical accidents. 

Also, it will take a longer time to read and write on your HDD inside the hybrid drive. Keep in mind that the HDD writes and reads on the nearest component, while the SSD can read and write on just any part of it. This means that the speed of data transfer on the HDD will be relatively lower. 

Since there is minimal space on the SSD, using larger applications and files will only occur on the HDD, which can be relatively slow to process. This is undoubtedly a piece of sad news for regular users of large applications. 

SSDs will outperform hybrid drives when it comes to speed. For this reason, it may be more economical to purchase an SSD instead of a hybrid drive, especially if you are more concerned about the speed of retrieving information. 

How Do You Know A Hybrid Drive Is The Best For You?

You will enjoy having a hybrid drive in your computer if you are a casual user who surfs the internet most times or use the device for business purposes. 

Hybrid drives provide enough storage to store your data, including documents, photos, spreadsheets, and other business records and files. With the SSD, you will be able to open your particular files much faster, but you can store small data like web pages, streaming applications, and office applications on such an SSD compartment. 

A hybrid drive is not for you if you are a heavy gamer or software developer. SSD compartment cannot hold those massive-size applications for software development or gaming platforms. If you don’t mind storing your software applications and gaming platforms on the HDD and retrieve them at a slow speed, perhaps you can do it with a hybrid drive.

 If you don’t mind a performance boost, a hybrid drive is excellent for you. There are several computers today with great hybrid storage drives for massive operations. One of the computers equipped with a hybrid drive is the HP Elite Desk 800 G4 – This is a workstation edition PC. 

Once you install a hybrid drive PC, you can conveniently run processing-intensive software even at conveniently fast speeds. Such computers are great for running your simulations, including using 4k videos or 3D imagery. 

Some hybrid drive computers are customizable, which means you can add multiple hybrid drives to one machine. Having multiple hybrid drives on a computer will increase your SSD storage compartments which means you can have more space for constantly used files and applications. 

Getting The Most From Your Hybrid Drive 

Some hacks or tips can help you achieve more with your hybrid drive, significantly increasing its capacity and speed. For instance, you may want to increase the RAM size of your computer to aid the speed of information retrieval from your hard drive. With increased RAM size, you can quickly speed up your computer in every aspect without any need to delete files in your hard drive.

Another way of getting the most from your hard drive is to constantly free up space in your hard drive component of the hybrid drive. There are several ways you can do this. It would be best if you considered uninstalling outdated and unnecessary apps. To this, click on the start from the home page of your computer, then select the “Apps,” and then clock on “Apps and Features” before you sort out by size those apps eating up your hard disk space. Right, click on any app you are not using and select “uninstall.” 

It would be best if you considered cleaning your computer occasionally that may further slow down your hybrid disk. You must eliminate videos, photos, apps, and documents you don’t need from your computer. The more spaces you free from your computer, the quicker you can process data. 

You should target monster files when cleaning up your computer. Some files will take up spaces that are difficult to spare. 

To discover the files with the largest sizes on your computer, open your windows file explorer and select “This PC,” then type “Search box” on the upper right-hand corner of the screen. From your search results, you will be able to select from several categories of files ranging from empty to huge. 

You should begin your quest from the largest sizes by checking them to see if they are still needed. If they are not required, move them to thrash and free more spaces on your device. 

You may also want to consider using the disk cleanup tool to free even more space on your computer. You can find this utility in the Windows 10 operating system, and it is a one-click solution for freeing up more space.


There is no doubt that a hybrid drive has more desirable features than undesirable ones; the use still depends on your personal needs. If you believe your future demand for storage will increase, perhaps you should install a hybrid drive instead of opting for a single SSD or HDD. This will help you prioritize your data and store the essential ones on the SSD, leaving the rest in the HDD compartment. 

Just like any other part of your computer, your hybrid storage deserves regular updating and cleaning. You should remove junks from the hybrid drive even if you don’t need extra space for more speed and enhanced performance.

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