The feedback we have received about our PanaCast® Camera systems have been phenomenal. Here are some comments and use cases from analysts, press and customers:

  • "The actual image captured by the camera when we tried it in a lecture theatre (300+ seat) was perfect. Every seat in frame, handled the lighting conditions well, good focus, seamlessly stitched. Very impressed."

    Geoff Lambert Sr. Project Manager of IT & Digital Services / University of Western Sydney
  • "We chose the PanaCast 2 video camera because it gives an immersive sense of participation to remote meeting participants. With PanaCast 2, there is no need to squeeze together to get into the scene or waste time panning and zooming like with a typical conference room camera."

    Jolean DeKort Director Employee Technology / GoDaddy
  • “The new PanaCast 2 camera, combined with Intel® Core™ processor-based PCs, brings visual collaboration experience to a new level of clarity for users.” See the quote

    Jay Kirkland VP & General Manager of the Reference Systems and Technologies Group / Intel’s Client Computing Group
  • “With PanaCast, students feel like its one classroom. They can glance at the panoramic video and see their classmates, no matter how far away they really are.” See the quote

    Stuart Evans Distinguished Service Professor / Carnegie Mellon University
  • "[With PanaCast] I found the video quality to be remarkably crisp, without the horizontal facial distortion I often see in panoramic photos. Audio sounded clear, and neither video nor audio had any dropouts or stuttering." Read article

    Katherine Boehret Re/code
  • “The panoramic view allowed me to see all five remote participants at the same time, and the 4k resolution provided great visual detail – allowing me to feel ‘connected’ to everyone in the meeting.” See the quote

    Ira M. Weinstein Senior Analyst & Partner / Wainhouse Research
  • "(PanaCast 2) is a very different form factor than the usual 1080p camera that we are using elsewhere in the lab. You can see it has no seams and it's a very good picture quality." Watch the interview

    Rackspace Rackspace
  • “I use the PanaCast Camera 9 hours a day everyday...people are surprised at the view I can get.”

    Chris Devine Giaronomo Productions
  • "PanaCast...actually seems like something that would be both fun and exceedingly useful." Read article

    Michael Seo Writer / TechCrunch
  • ". . . a great improvement over standard video chat experiences." Read article

    Michael Gorman Editor-in-Chief / Engadget

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