Intelligent Zoom automatically zooms in or out to keep everyone visible

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The plug-and-play, camera-integrated technology lets you focus on your meetings without technology distractions. Intelligent Zoom is designed to automatically zoom in or out and pan to include all the visible people in the room, enhancing business collaboration. It automates your natural instinct to adjust the field of view to include all the participants in the meeting.

Intelligent Zoom makes business collaboration easy through innovative technology and allows you to run smooth and effective meetings. No more distractions, no more delays panning and zooming cameras manually. Take your video collaboration to the new level with Intelligent Zoom.

This industry-first technology frees you up to focus on your meetings

180° Field of View

Easily includes everyone within the natural-looking video, without scale distortion.

Automatic Zoom Out

Automatically zooms out to adjust the field of view and include all the participants.

Automatic Zoom In

Automatically zooms in to engage people in the meetings.

Works with Everything

Works with popular video conferencing services, no drivers or software applications required.

1080p High Quality Video

Captures every action and detail during meetings in real time.

Focus on What Truly Matters

Run smooth and effective meetings without distractions or delays, with zero user interaction required.

“2017 represents the beginning of the end of mechanical Pan-Tilt cameras in enterprise collaboration. Manufacturers in the space know that their cameras have to electronically and automatically find and track active speakers. Altia Systems’ feature of placing that tracking intelligence right into their standard USB camera – covering a 180º field of view – puts their PanaCast 2 at the top of a very short list of devices that has moved into this needed future state.”

David Danto | Director Emerging Technologies at IMCCA

Intelligent Zoom enables you with an efficient and inclusive video collaboration experience

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